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Gurbani MP3 Picks – ChardiKala Jatha

During the Summer time when Chardikala Jatha was in Espanola I recorded a bunch of their kirtan. I haven’t had time till now to sort through it and process for putting online.  Here are a few shabads that I picked out for you to listen and download.  You can also view some videos and download […]

Chardikala Jatha – Free-form/Alaap

Here is a beautiful audio clip of Chardikala Jatha doing a bit of Alaap (from June 2006). The track has a fast pace and up-beat rhythm with lots of high energy. When I listen to it, it takes me up into the mountains….through the clouds and flying around. Especially when Sada Sat Simran Singh sings […]

Chardikala Jatha – Summer Solstice

Here is a video on the last night of the Summer Solstice camp when we have an all night rensabhai kirtan. Download Video

Sada Sat Simran Singh

Smiling with joy as he rides on the horse to the Gurdwara for his wedding.

Preparing for the Rounds

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