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Live Stats of

I just started playing around with service called FeedJit which shows you live traffic on your site and other cool things. So in real time you can see people coming to the website. It shows the country of their internet connection, what they are looking at and where they came from. You can see the […]

Blog Header Pictures

You might have noticed the new pictures on the top of the blog. A random picture will display every time the page loads. I hope you like them. I have looking through my pictures finding different images which I think represent our local community (though so far they are mostly of kids and the youth). […]

New Blog Design

For a while I have been wanting to update the blog layout because it was too narrow and the page ended up being really long. Now there is lots more room and some other nice features. You might have noticed the "article browser" below the header picture which has a circle that you can drag […]

Random MrSikhNet Page – (Recycling)

Over the past (almost) three years or so there has been a lot of interesting pictures, videos, articles, etc on I’m sure many of you haven’t even seen most of it. Or if you are like me….it’s worthwhile seeing/reading/watching some of the stuff again. So I’m doing my part to help "Recycle". You’ll notice […]

Challenging Times…

If you have been a regular visitor of you have probably noticed things slowing down quite a bit. I used to post something almost every day. I love blogging and sharing with the world, but these past five + months have been a serious challenge. Come to think of it, ever since I had […]

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