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SikhNet Youth Online Film Festival Ok…so I guess no one guessed the news from yesterday’s picture/hint. :) Today I would like to let you all know about a cool new project that SikhNet is hosting. This all new Youth Online Film Festival came about as a result of seeing the power of low-tech videos that are now spreading around […]

New Blog Layout and System

Well, the past few nights have been long. That’s all I can say. I’ve been moving over to a new blog system and at first it was great, but have been trying to work out some issues. Your average blogger just types text and a picture here and there. I post quite a bit of […]

Narayan’s Favorite Uncles

Narayan and his Uncles. Himmat Singh Tying a Turban on Narayan “Maharaja” Narayan Singh!

Youth of the Month – Sukhmani Kaur

Here is another thought provoking interview with Sukhmani Kaur (UK wale). Have a read, it’s interesting :)

Chardikala Jatha – Live at Harimandir Sahib – April 2nd

I just finished converting the two videos (from PAL to NTSC) of Chardikala Jatha playing kirtan at Harmandir Sahib so I could watch it on my home DVD player. I was going to post the video later on…but after listening to the earlier video from April 2nd 2006 I have been in bliss listening and […]

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