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Pathways to the Sacred – Interview with Guruka Singh

Here is an audio recording of Guruka Singh being Interviewed by Josh Jourdan on WPVM radio’s "Pathways to the Sacred". It was very interesting to hear all of Guruka Singh’s stories and explanations about being a Sikh. Have a listen! [Audio:] Download About Pathways to the Sacred Radio Show – "Throughout history human beings have […]

Neither a Shield, Nor a Sword

Here is an interesting article on the topic of Seva which I think makes you think. I’m sure most of us are aware of the situation, however it puts things in perspective and hopefully will make us all think deeper about our motivations for doing Seva.   by T. SHER SINGH I have noticed […]

Day 9 – 40 Day Sadhana (Challenges, Parenting, etc)

Still going? Hopefully those of you who have taken on the 40 day Sadhana challenge are still going! It’s been a real challenge for me (to say the least). Sometimes I hear my friends who are not married tell me how busy they are. I always smile to myself thinking, “You don’t know what busy […]

The Global Langar Project

Are You Serving Your Local Community Through the Guru’s Langar? Wahe Guru Ji ka Khalsa, Wahe Guru Ji ki Fateh! My name is Deva Singh and I’m working with the Global Langar Project. Our mission is to bring people together all over the world to prepare, serve and share Guru’s Langar to all people who […]

Sikh Bloggers

As some of you might have noticed, the number of Sikh Bloggers has grown quite a bit. I love to view my daily update on all the blogs that I read, and feel the "pulse" of what is going on in the lives of other Sikhs around the world. The original SikhiWiki Sikh Bloggers page […]

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