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Articles, Stories and Letters remembering the life of Bhai Fauja Singh and others. All material on this website came from the 1978 Spring issue of the "Beads of Truth" Magazine.


Resolution by Sikh Dharma Brotherhood

The above Resolution was mailed out with a covering letter, to Sikh organizations and Gurdwaras around the world, calling upon every sangat to be prepared to launch an organized protest by the 27th of May. This protest was to resume in case we did not receive any assurance that government officials or agencies were taking adequate steps to apprehend the criminals and to prosecute them by the due process of law.

The Embassy of India was notified of our sentiments and of our intentions. On the 19th of May we received the reply from the Embassy, assuring us of the efforts to be made by the Government of India to see that all parties are duly apprehended. They also requested that we avoid any worldwide protest at this time. The same day the Siri Singh Sahib received a call from the office of the S.G.P.C. in Amritsar, which had been contacted by the Central Government. They also requested that we postpone our protest.

In response, we have advised them of our willingness to accept another date, which they should suggest, by which matters would be resolved. We appreciate that the longer we wait, the better we will be in a position to organize our protest on a worldwide basis. We also are certain that we are not going to forget this massacre, and we will be watching and waiting to see how this matter is handled in India.


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