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Bhai Fauja Singh

Articles, Stories and Letters remembering the life of Bhai Fauja Singh and others. All material on this website came from the 1978 Spring issue of the "Beads of Truth" Magazine.


Letters of Bhai Fauja Singh

We have received so many copies of letters written by Bhai Fauja Singh, along with people's stories con­cerning their personal experiences with the Bhai Randhir Singh Sikhs in India.

Bhai Fauja Singh, from his first contact with the American Sikhs saw the manifestation of the prophecy of Guru Gobind Singh being fulfilled. In that hope and with that spirit of gratitude, he related to every American-born Khalsa. With each one he also found a special link, and with some a link which perhaps ex­tended back into past lifetimes.

Some of us were not fortunate enough to meet him in person, but we have dedicated this issue to that Khalsa spirit which he embodied and for which he so joyfully gave his life, and through these pages you will come to know him as he will ever live; a hero, a giver and a Saint. It is easy to understand how God and Guru were preparing him for martyrdom, during his medi­tative months in jail Now let us offer a prayer that we should all take full advantage of the example and the spirit which he has dedicated to the future of the entire Sikh Panth.

"It is a most unfortunate day in the history of the Khalsa. We have our Ministry; we have our Government; we have our Sikh majority. And people have been killed in a most merciless manner. Now things will be covered up. Truth will be totally covered. And this is a very unusual situation which we have to stand. That is why we have sent three representatives to India from here. But there is nothing to investigate. It is a simple fact to find out, and every heart knows what they are doing to us in America, what they are doing to us in Canada, what they tried to do to us in England; and wherever they are, these patits are going to attack us. They may look like Sikhs of the Guru, but their heart is not for the Guru. You can call them anything; they are chips of the same block. Their dedication is not towards the Guru, their dedication is to their personal glorification and personal earthly power." - Siri Singh Sahib Harbhajan Singh Khalsa Yogiji


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