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Bhai Fauja Singh

Articles, Stories and Letters remembering the life of Bhai Fauja Singh and others. All material on this website came from the 1978 Spring issue of the "Beads of Truth" Magazine.


Letter by Siri Krishna Kaur Khalsa Eugene, Oregon

Another more personal experience stays in my mind regarding these people too. One of my last days in Amritsar while walking around the parkarma one morning, on my way back to Guru Nanak Nivas, I noticed a Bhai Randhir Singh man ahead of me. I admired the strength of his projection and noticed the chakra around his head and thought to myself how great it looked on him. No sooner than the thought came into my head though, he turned quickly around, folded his hands and bowed saying, "Wahe Guru Ji Ka Khalsa, Wahe Guru Ji Ki Fateh" and placed this chakra over my turban as I also bowed. What a surprise, indeed. I felt a little bad for thinking such a thing and tried to give it back to him, but he insisted I keep it saying, "It is yours, my sister." All I could say in return was "Wahe Guru".

There is a true bond of friendship that we established with these people, that will never go unbroken. Happy am I, that I got this beautiful chance to be with them and know them.


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