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Articles, Stories and Letters remembering the life of Bhai Fauja Singh and others. All material on this website came from the 1978 Spring issue of the "Beads of Truth" Magazine.


Letter by Sardarni Sahiba Sat Kartar Kaur Khalsa - Amsterdam

At first I could not believe the news that came to me over the telephone: "Fauja Singh is dead." This thought could not be programmed into my com­puter. Then the questions burst forth: How? Why? When? Where? Upon hear­ing the answers, my mind reached a state of timelessness.

Whenever I cannot understand God's actions, I think of Japji Sahib. It contains the answer to every question. I found myself repeating the same question I asked when Bhai Sahib Dayal Singh died, "How can God take away such a saint, such a high, pure, strong being from us? We need him so badly!"

A deep longing took hold of me for some days, the longing to have the darshan of Bhai Fauja Singh Ji again. I realized it was a selfish longing, but it was born of love and Khalsa spirit. I had only met him once, in the Gur Das Pur prison, yet his strength, courage and purity had touched me so deeply that I carried his example with me since that meeting and looked for­ward to the chance to meet him again.

Seeing him that day, I had the thought, "This is the first Indian man I have seen who might one day succeed the Siri Singh Sahib." He was a dedi­cated leader of the highest spirit and most noble character.

When the news of the slaughter came, I immediately went to say Ardas and to read a hukum for Fauja Singh and the other great men who gave their lives that day. I also prayed for us, that we may have the strength not to feel hatred or vengeance for the enemy.

Then I took my children to London for a week of holidays to let them experience the Gurdwaras and sangat there. I hoped to have the chance to participate in some sort of ceremony for the martyrs. By Guru's grace, on May 7th, our last day in London, there was a procession protesting the violent murders. All members of the Bhai Randir Singh group in England, all ashram members plus many other Sikhs joined in the march. Several buses were chartered.

We made sure that we sat in a bus filled with members of the Akand Kirtani Jatha. During the bus ride the kirtan was continuous. The Naad (sound current) which they create is so in­finite, beautiful and uplifting. While sitting and chanting with those people, tears came to my eyes. I felt a strong reconfirmation of the link that joins all members of the Khalsa, wherever they may be, in the spirit. For the first time I could personally feel deep inside that Bhai Fauja Singh and the other mar­tyrs did not die in vain, and that in fact they did not die at all. They were present with us and we were reunited in the Naad. The spirit still lives in all its glory and strength. Khalsa shall live, as it always has, even through the dark­est and most corrupt times.


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