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Articles, Stories and Letters remembering the life of Bhai Fauja Singh and others. All material on this website came from the 1978 Spring issue of the "Beads of Truth" Magazine.


History of a Friendship

It was just a few months ago that many- Sikhs from the Western Hemi­sphere had the opportunity to visit Amritsar, to be among the people there and to feel the spirit which prevails among the Khalsa of the East.

That spirit is especially evident and shared by the Sikhs of the Bhai Ran­dhir Singh group, and during this par­ticular visit to India, the western born Sikhs found a great sense of kin­ship with the Bhai Randhir Singh brothers and sisters.

Bhai Fauja Singh, the main leader of the Bhai Randhir Singh people was at that time in prison. He had been jailed over a pending case, but in reality he was being kept in prison as a means of containing his powerful leadership amongst a powerful group of Sikhs. Nonetheless, his spirits remained al­ways high and his wife Amarjit Kaur often visited us at Guru Nanak Nivas, with words of support, appreciation and encouragement for our inspired efforts to learn and live the life of Khalsa.

Arrangements were made, and many of our people went to the jail to per­form Gurbani Kirtan for the prisoners there, and to give a chance for others to visit with Bhai Fauja Singh. Bhai Fauja Singh had been a great friend and source of inspiration to some of our Khalsa family who had visited India in earlier times. Now the oppor­tunity was there to return the spirit of brotherhood which we shared.

Tours were also arranged, to go out and perform kirtan at the main villages where the Bhai Randhir Singh people were living. And those times were most inspiring, as west and east joined in devotional singing. Then there was the opportunity to demonstrate 'gatka', the art of Indian sword fighting, and each group took turns in demonstrating their proficiency, with the rising energy of Khalsa brotherhood uplifting everyone.

We understood the basis of our bro­therhood, which is sadhana, and it was clear that because these brothers and sisters practice a strong spiritual sad­hana, because they have made it the base of their life, that our kinship runs strong. These are Sikhs who are prepared to live and die for righteous­ness, who exemplify the courage of Guru Gobind Singh in their daily life, who love Nam Simran as their life breath and who recognize the same spirit, the same love and the same infinite vibration of Nam which flows through all brothers of the Khalsa.


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