Stories of Guru Nanak – Part 3

Tonight I am posting the third and final story that I recorded way back in 2001, of Guru Meher Kaur telling stories about Guru Nanak Dev ji’s life. Please download, watch, and share with your children :)Stay tuned tomorrow night for a great Interview with Guruka Singh (Executive Director of, and original founder of […]

Stories of Guru Nanak – Part 2

Tonight I am posting the next video of stories about Guru Nanak, told by Guru Meher Kaur to the children. When I was little….I used to fall asleep to the stories told by Guruliv Singh. You can hear them in the Gurbani Archive listed under his name. These are some stories made way back in […]

Stories of Guru Nanak – Part 1 (For the kids)

On different Gurpurbs and special days in Sikh history Guru Simran Kaur organizes fun educational things for the kids to do, so that they can learn about Sikh history and about the Gurus. In Nov. 2001, a few months after Narayan was born I recorded a series of stories that we had over a few […]

The Life of Guru Nanak (Animated Stories)

Today someone forwarded me a link to a cool video which appears to be clay animation. This is the first animated video I have seen telling stories related to Guru Nanak (or any Guru for that matter). I am familiar with all the stories, but there was something nice about seeing it visually in the […]

Information Overload and the Shabad Guru

Someone forwarded me an older youtube video that I think continues on the theme of my previous blog post. In the video there are many very interesting observations, however one of the things which I relate to on a daily basis is information overload. In the video they didn’t relate it that way, but it […]

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