Ranjit Nagara (Drum of Victory)

Earlier in June when we had the Jaap Sahib Course here in Espanola, New Mexico, Sukha Singh (UK) showed me an awesome audio recording that he had of a really young Sikh boy from Anandpur Sahib who played the Nagara Drum with amazing skilll. When you hear the rhythm of it, one definitely feels the spirit […]

Report from Camp Miri Piri

A unique and inspiring Sikhi Camp took place from June 14th – 18th in Española, New Mexico in the USA. For those of us who were blessed to participate, it was joyful and transformational. The power of Sangat and Pangat is truly amazing! What follows are some stories from Camp Miri Piri told in the […]

The Blessing of Receiving Guru’s Amrit

About a month ago I had a transformational experience of receiving the Guru’s Amrit at the end of the Summer Solstice Camp. The reason you have not seen me write anything about it here earlier is that I felt it was a very personal thing for me and that by showcasing it online it might […]

Mortality, Life and Guru’s Gift

It is always a blessing to go to the Gurdwara and meet with my Guru (The Siri Guru Granth Sahib) and be with the Sangat. Today I got a lot of comfort and support sitting in Gurdwara and listening to the Gurbani. Last week my Grandfather passed away due to complications from a stroke. He […]

Siri Chand Singh

IMG_9432, originally uploaded by Gurumustuk Singh. Playing the Nagara Drum with his brother Lakhmi Chand at the end of Gurdwara as the Siri Guru Granth Sahib is brought out of the Main Area of the Gurdwara.

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