New Audio Track by Balvinder Singh (Australia)

I just got a beautiful new audio track from Balvinder Singh (Australia wale) which is titled "The Sweet Song". The actual words are from the shabad by Guru Arjan Dev Ji: "Jo Mangeh Thakur Apne Thae". The vocals are by Harinder Kaur. You can hear some other music by Balvinder Singh that I have posted […]

New Music from Balvinder Singh (Australia)

Back in March I featured some music by a young Sikh musician named Balvinder Singh who is from Australia. He has been sending me new audio tracks from time to time, so tonight I thought I would feature one of his latest titled: "Crimson". Most of his music has a strong Electronica / Down-tempo / Ambient […]

Balvinder Singh – Reaching for Home

It seems these days more and more young Sikh musicians are bringing their creative talents, voices and energy into creating Sikh related music. I think it is awesome! I hope this trend continues and that they are supported by the Sikh community. Coming from a western background I love quite a variety of music. Much […]

Fusion Indian Music

Fusion Indian Music

This morning I was eating my breakfast as usual sitting with my daughter before she left for school, reading the latest happenings through twitter, and saw a tweet by @humblethepoet of a new music video that was posted online. This wasn’t a "Humble the Poet" video, but a music video by a young American guy […]

The Guru for the Planet or Just a Few?

It seems that one of the side-effects of having my family out of town is that I have a little bit more time to write on Recently I was talking to an older friend of mine who is a very servicefull "Khalsa Auntie". Over the years she has spent countless hours answering questions to […]

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