Nov. 1979 Doing Ishnaan Seva in Harmandir Sahib

Doing Ardas in Harmandir Sahib before starting Ishnaan Seva. Every morning everything from Harmandir Sahib is removed and totally cleaned by the Sevadhars. They take milk and rub it into the marble floors. Then everything is brought back in and setup again for the day. This all happens very early in the morning after 2AM.

More 1979 India Pictures

Group photo of some Sikhs eating. Mataji Comments: “Here once again is Bhai Amolak Singh currently residing in Austrailia. “

Journey to Hemkunt Sahib – 1979

This letter, dated September 30, 1979, comes from Sat Kirn Kaur Khalsa. See pictures from the trip below. Sat Nam Ji, We just got back from our Yatra to Hemkunt Sahib. What a trip it has been. How beautiful it is to back at the Golden Temple. Two weeks in India and I feel as […]

Amritsar 1979

Gurumustuk and Snatam Kaur playing with the other kids. A Joulouse…a parade through the streets of Amritsar for the Gurupurabh!!!!!!!!!!! Look how smily and mischeivious little Guru Mustuk Singh is……Narayan Singh walks in his father’s footsteps!

More 1979 Gatka Pictures

Well, I was able to scan and add a few more, but unfortunately my scanner is having problems and I am ready to dump it in the trash. So, as much as I would have liked to post some more pictures, there is not much I can do since it won’t work. I have to […]

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