Sikh Superhero Agent Deep Singh

Sikh Superhero Agent Deep Singh

My friend Supreet Singh and Eileen Aldenand have teamed up for a fun SEVA project, to create a Sikh Superhero for kids to enjoy in the form of a comic book. Check out the details on this project and donate generously on their Kickstarter page.

Here are a few words from Supreet about the project: 

Sikh Coalition statistics show how our kids ( especially boys) are bullied 3x national averages and we decided to do something about it. We created a Sikh superhero who is a Gursikh, fun, modern and appeals to children. He especially espouses many values in action (we talked with over 500 kids to get their feedback).

Comics and Animation go to great lengths to attract and fuel kids imaginations’ and help them dream and grow. We wish that this small step will help many of them develop courage and curiosity.

In this process I don’t know if you know the depth of Eileen’s personal passion. Eileen embraced Sikhi and stands a role model who now has learnt Gurmukhi and is learning Gurbani to better understanding the Guru.


PS: We are taking no monies for ourselves in this.​ Its our Seva.​

Once again Thank you so much for your support and please keep sharing.

Find out more about the project on KickStarter

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