Akash Bani

Akash Bani

The past few days I have been adding lots of new music to the SikhNet Gurbani Media Center, and it’s always exciting for me to hear new musicians explore their creativity using Gurbani and Mantras. The past year I have seen quite a few new musicians from all over the world produce beautiful albums of “spiritual music”. Each artist taking their own musical influence and “infusing” Gurbani/Mantras into it in a unique way that represents them and their experience of the Bani.

Those of you who are regular readers of SikhNet news might recall many of the stories regarding “Guru Ram Das Lord of Miracles – South America Tour” which is led by Guru Bachan Singh Khalsa (from Espanola, New Mexico). They travel all through South America sharing the teachings of Sikhi, meditation, Kundalini Yoga, Healthy lifestyle and so much more.  Slowly in various parts of South America, little “pockets” of people have grown to love and experience these teachings. Some may call them selves Sikhs, while others may not….though relate to the universality of these teachings and practice them.

A few years ago I wrote a blog post in relation to musicians and Sikhs in South America. If you missed it you can read it here.

Pavan KaurI wanted to share with one more new and unique musician from Córdoba, Argentina. Her name is Pavan Kaur.  Last year I stumbled on her myspace page where she had shared a track from an Album she was working on. I loved the sound of the music and wanted more! I book marked her page and would check every few months to see if there was any new music posted. Finally after maybe a year I found out that it was finished! Eagerly wanting to have it, I convinced her to send me the music (since she didn’t have it for sale with anyone at the time).

I know how hard it can be as an independent musician to make people aware of your music, and it didn’t help that she didn’t speak English (only Spanish). The only way I was able to communicate with her was thanks to google translate which worked pretty well for both of us :)

So, after her sharing the music with me,  I am compelled to share it with you all. Her new album is titled “Akash Bani”  (meaning “Words of the Ether”…the earth element). The audio from this album is centered around the Bani (writings) of Guru Nanak Dev Ji. Each track has beautiful sweet musical compositions and her vocals with various pauri’s (lines) from Guru Nanaks’s Japji  Sahib.

These universal words of Guru Nanak speak truth which is beyond, time, religion or cultural background. By reciting and experiencing this universal oneness, we all come closer together in spirit. Listen, sing, chant and feel as Guru Nanak must have felt in his state of higher consciousness when he uttered these words. It’s always inspiring for me to see people as “flowers” bloom with love for Gurbani; No matter what they look like or their cultural background or religion.

So, now I encourage you to head over to her musician profile on the SikhNet Gurbani Media Center and listen to her beautiful music.  If you like it, please support her music and buy the CD. Hopefully other music distributors will sell her music as well. Enjoy!

You can also connect with her through her facebook fan page and let her know how you like the music (Though if you don’t speak spanish you might consider using to google translate :)


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