Why does bad stuff happen to me?

Why does bad stuff happen to me?

A SikhNet visitor asked the question of why bad stuff happens to them even though they are a ‘Good Sikh’.  "My parents won’t let me do this….so and so died…has illness…not doing well..   I’m good…do my banis…get up in the morning…and yet all this stuff happens to me? Does the Guru/God not like me?".

In this latest SikhNet video myself and Guruka Singh talk about this subject. What do you think? When challenges or hardships come in your life how to you process this and relate to what is happening?

7 Responses to “Why does bad stuff happen to me?”

  1. Jaspreet.S.Bhuller says:

    SAT SRI AKAL JI! accentuate your positive side always and annihilates your negative side ruthlessly…..perhaps Khalsa ji can help me by correcting it…..thank you.

  2. @hardiph says:

    Guru Nanak Dev Ji says ….
    aapay beej aapay hee khaahu
    what people sow as Couse, is what they shall reap as Effect

  3. Jasbeer Singh says:

    WahGuruji ka Khalsa, WahGuruji ki Fateh!!

    "Why bad stuff happens to me…..when I'm Good Sikh"

    1. How can you be a good "Sikh" if you're not accepting what Guru is giving/sending to you? Is it written anywhere that bad stuff won't comes to Good Sikhs?..In Good times people don't remember "Guru", they enjoy and do whatever they want…but when that time passes.. and things goes reverse.."pain starts" and people blame Guru.."Why Bad things for me"..

    Every day we remember all the "Shaheeds" of our community in "Ardas" , have you ever thought ..what sorts of conditions, consequences, pain (appropriate word would be "Taseehay")those Sikhs were gone through? What kind of Sikhs they were?


  4. Jasbeer Singh says:

    Good and Bad are part of life.. you may treat it as examination ..in which you have study hard to clear exam ..once you clear this exam ..you will be in next class/standard (good time)..you will have to study hard there as well and followed by an exam again..these exams continue until last breath…
    If you don't wish to go through these exams ..an opposite path also exists which maximum population of world is leading..but I've not seen this population in good times or with good stuff ever…We have to live as “Gurmukh” not as “Manmukh” and of “Sakat”….If Guru is with us in Good times , he is with us in Bad times as well.

    Dhan Sri Guru Nanak Dev ji says " Jo Tho Praem Khaelan Kaa Chaao || Sir Dhhar Thalee Galee Maeree Aao || Ang -1412, SGGS" (If you desire to play this game of love with Me,Then step onto My Path with your head in hand).


  5. Fateh says:

    Yes! That was a profound example of how to visualize communication – in the framework of recognizing, understanding and matching another persons frame of reference. First awareness, then matching, and then pushing the boundaries in order to elevate them. That is soooo clear and profound… Now why didn't I think of that first? ;) Oh yea… it was not in my frame of reference!

  6. jagjyot says:

    straight trees are cut first –chanakya

  7. Bhupinder Singh says:

    Veer Jio,
    I appreciate you efforts what you are trying to be happy. But the concept of happiness varies for person to person. Sikhism is not so small, as it is great and very vast. So please do relate your depression with ‘Banies’.

    Reason to be happy varies from person to person. You have not mentioned your reason(s).

    Veer Ji Baba Farid ji say “Mujh avgoan Sheh Nahi Dosh”, If some thing wrong happens to us because of our own faults and Waheguru must not to be blamed.

    Happiness is the sate of mind. You are of course reading the banies but you’re not following it completely The Jap ji says “Hukam likh dukh sukh paieyeh”. We receive happiness and sorrows in our destiny.

    Yes we can change our destiny by Sikhism as I said earlier Sikhism is vary vast you must have deep faith on Guru Granth Sahib Ji and must request to Guru ji. I am sure Guru Ji will tell you the way to akand happiness.