New Music by Hargo – Soul Survivor

New Music by Hargo – Soul Survivor

I have to admit that I don’t listen to Rock music that often these days, but have to say I like what I hear when I listen to the music by young Sikh Rock Musician "Hargo" (Hargobind Hari Singh). It’s always cool to see friends and Sikhs pursue careers and interests that are off the beaten path. It takes a lot of courage and effort to pursue dreams that might not fit in the norm of what parents might consider a career. Keep Going Hargobind Hari!

Check out his new music video (below) for one of his new audio tracks called "Soul Survivor". 

3 Responses to “New Music by Hargo – Soul Survivor”

  1. Lah Mor says:

    What better gift for MrSikhNet on his birthday than a new music video from Hargo…. ((o(:-{D>>>>

  2. Rai Khalsa says:

    Good video production, I like the filter color they use between vintage and grunge.