Camp Miri Piri Sydney, Australia

Camp Miri Piri Sydney, Australia

The time has come again for a unique opportunity to recharge your spiritual batteries & uplift yourself! This spring (April 15th to Sunday, April 18th, 2011) Camp Miri Piri will be held in Sydney, Australia featuring inspiring teachers from all over. 

Whether you live in Australia, USA, UK, Canada, India or wherever, this is a camp not to be missed. Take some time out of your every day life to work on yourself.

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3 Responses to “Camp Miri Piri Sydney, Australia”

  1. Meetu says:

    Can we get an Australian Visa for this purpose?Also do we get any financial Aid to reach there as a middle class Indian can only dream of being there .

  2. onkar singh says:

    waheguru ji ka khalsa waheguru ji ki fateh , this is onkar singh international gatka coach 5 thime national 1time international gold medalist and 1 international silver medelist in gatka i got chance to went to amarica 2 time and 2 time to africa 1 thailand for teaching , and now i knew about your camp and i wana come there if you pepole alow me so pls call me or mail me on [email protected], or can call me too +91 98724 57576, 91 93579 57576
    i want to spred this great martial art in all world so please invite me for do this great sewa of panth thanks i will wait for answer

  3. Amit Gambhir says:

    can you please share the name of album/singer chanting Waheguru in the background, and where i can buy the CD

    Thank you!