What is the Benefit of Hair?

What is the Benefit of Hair?

What is the benefit of hair? Guruka Singh shares his thoughts about Hair and being aware of why you want to keep or not keep your hair (particularly in relation to being a Sikh). Either looking at it from scientific point of view…and experiential perspective or just because the Guru asked us to keep our hair uncut…

Why should Sikhs not cut their hair? (audio excerpt from 1984 Q&A with Youth)


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5 Responses to “What is the Benefit of Hair?”

  1. Jag says:

    Yes ok…i understand…wots been said there regarding the keepin of hair. If thats the case ..wot about nails..do we not cut them too…i mean they keep on growing also like hair…right..??.

    • Charanjit singh says:

      Hello mr. Jag, I kept hair becze i love my GURU JI. They sacrificed entire family just becaze of sikhism. if we against them means we are more sensefull but actually we r not. if we grow nail we can,t do any task normaly as doing now but no such thing with hair and there r many secrets still nobody know regarding human body and arround the universal. so i just kept hair becze my GURU JI,s command and we must obey. thanks

    • ajmer says:

      Nail are designed to work as knife for you. Whether you cut them or not cut them makes no difference. If you don't cut them, They will break off any way. I would trim the nails..

  2. Ravneet kaur gulati says:

    HEY CHARAN..well said..!!
    HELLO JAG..DEAR, we are not so intelligent and wise that we can understand all the facts and the entire system of our survival on earth. we are walking on the paths of our elders ,on the path which is told and taught by our mother etc… our GURUS..or on the path of those people who inspire us !! scientist follow a lot of facts and things without any explanation,saying that this thing "just exists"..the reason and logic is not given any assurance..we ourselves follow a lot of concepts in our studies even if we dont really understand them just because that we somewhere know it is right and is beyond our understanding.. !!
    same way we cannot figure out every reason and logic !! the ones who are making you understand are at the end humans only..their devotion and worship blessed them with such understanding..but anyhow they are not almighty who can tell u everything!!

    indulge yourself in holy prayers and true worship..he ll himself answer your every question ..i bet !!
    for to get something you really have to work hard for it !!

    Understanding their sayings and orders(hukum) and following the right path is just what we can do and should do !! take care :)


  3. Sikh chic says:

    Hey Jag
    When we cut our nails, we're cleaning the dead tissue of our body. Likewise, we comb our hair so that we can remove the dead hair! It's true that god has given us a body, but we are supposed to maintain it. That's the reason why we bathe, comb hair, cut nails and the like!