Remembering Satya Amrit Singh

Remembering Satya Amrit Singh

(leer en Español) Earlier this year I was blessed to have become friends with a special person whose name is Satya Amrit Singh from Chile (South America). It saddens me hearing the news of his sudden passing today. I was shocked this afternoon when I heard that he had passed away in his room at Miri Piri Academy in Amritsar and the cause of his death is not currently known. He broke his wrist recently so the only thing I can think of is blood clot or maybe slip/fall.

I never actually got to meet him in person, but over this year I have gotten to know him virtually through his music, regular talks on Skype, text chats & email. He was a person full of smiles, enthusiasm, joy, and love for the Guru. From our conversations he was always sharing how much he loved to serve people and always wanted to do more. He taught Kundalini Yoga & Meditation to people in need and inspired everyone with his smile and his music. 

One of the things he wanted so much was to come visit the sangat here in Espanola, New Mexico and join in the Summer Solstice celebration this past June. He was unable to get a visa so we were never able to meet. Later on he heard about a job opening at Miri Piri Academy and took this life changing opportunity to live in the land of the Gurus in Amritsar and be part of the MPA staff and teach the kids.

When he first got to India I remember him expressing his joy and excitement at being at Miri Piri Academy and in Amritsar. I’m sure for him coming from a small Sikh community in Chile (South America) it was such a joy to be with so many Sikh brothers and sister in the land of the Gurus. To have such a large sadh sangat must have been such a great feeling and like "coming home"! The kids at the school are so beautiful so must have been a wonderful experience.

Satya Amrit Singh

Satya Amrit Singh I think took Amrit (or sikh vows) this past year and expressed so much joy for living this spiritual lifestyle. He always was full of excitement and enthusiasm. I remember the past weeks him being excited about taking part in the 40 day Amrit Vela Ishnaan seva at the Golden Temple. Early in the morning the kids of Miri Piri Academy and staff go to the Hari Mandir Sahib (the Golden Temple) and wash the marble floors that surround temple and where everyone walks. I think his last day was day 27 of 40. His Skype status message still says "Golden Temple 26 days Sewa" (as in Day 26 of 40). It was as if he did one day of seva at the Golden Temple for each year of his life.

Just last week he was asking me about getting help to buy a new iPod touch for his Birthday. He was just 2 days away from his 27th Birthday.

Satya Amrit Singh 

I haven’t had many people that I know personally pass away, so hearing sudden news of a friend passing away is a shock.  It’s so sad, yet I know he must have payed off his Karma for this lifetime, finished what his soul needed to do, and is on his way back to the Infinite.

One day they are with you and the next they have returned to the creator. With family who is old and already having health issues you might be better prepared, but at the age of 26 he still had a whole life ahead of him. It is another strong reminder of how temporary life is and how our time on this earth can end at any time. Too often I think we take this life and time we have for granted. We feel like we will live forever. In reality tomorrow could be the last day. It’s a reminder to live each day to the fullest. We can waste our life away in just day to day things and never take the time to connect with our soul, which is the real purpose of life.

My prayers are with him, his family and friends as we remember this beautiful soul.

I made the below video of pictures of him from facebook in memory of his shining light.

ਕਬੀਰ ਜਾ ਦਿਨ ਹਉ ਮੂਆ ਪਾਛੈ ਭਇਆ ਅਨੰਦੁ ॥ਮੋਹਿ ਮਿਲਿਓ ਪ੍ਰਭੁ ਆਪਨਾ ਸੰਗੀ ਭਜਹਿ ਗਬਿੰਦੁ ॥੬॥
Kabeer, on the day when I die, afterwards there shall be bliss. I shall meet with my Lord God. Those with me shall meditate and vibrate on the Lord of the Universe. ||6||

 For those of you who don’t know him you can also connect with him through his beautiful music. Just this year he finished his very first CD Album called "Akash".

You can also read a related blog post from earlier this year about the "Sikhs of South America"

Please join in prayer with me to help his soul return to the Akal Purkh. You can recite the evening prayer of Kirtan Sohila to help him return home. 

If any of you knew Satya Amrit Singh please feel free to add comments below to share with everyone the kind of person he was.

Quotes from the Siri Guru Granth Sahib on the topic of death
The day dawns, and then it ends, and the night passes away. Mortals do not realize that this life is diminishing. Each day, the mouse symbolizing death is gnawing on the rope of life (Guru Granth Sahib Ji, 41).

O mortal, why are you so proud of small things? With a few pounds of grain and a few coins in your pocket, you are totally puffed up with pride. Even if you control a hundred villages with great pomp and ceremony. Even if you have an income of hundreds of thousands of dollars. The power you exert will last for only a few days, just like the green leaves of the forest. No one has brought this wealth with them, and no one will take it with him when he dies. Emperors, even greater than Raawan, passed away in an instant. The Lord’s devotees are steady and stable forever; they worship Him, adore Him, and chant the Lord’s Name. Those who are mercifully blessed by God are given the chance to join the company of holy. Mother, father, spouse, children and wealth will not go along with you in the end. Kabeer says, meditate on God. Your life is uselessly wasting away (Guru Granth Sahib Ji, 1251).

Like the swan on the lake, death hovers over the body. Kabeer says, meditate on God (Guru Granth Sahib Ji, 325).

In an instant one is born and in an instant one dies. In an instant one come to this world, and in an instant one disappears. One, who recognizes the Shabad and merges into it, is not afflicted by death (Guru Granth Sahib Ji, 58).

Why are you sleeping and forgetting Naam, O careless and foolish mortal? So many have been carried across by this river of life. O mortal, get aboard on the boat of God’s Feet and cross over. Sing the glorious praises of God in the company of the holy twenty-four hours a day. You may enjoy various pleasures, but they are useless without Naam. Without devotion to the Lord, you shall die in sorrow, again and again. You may dress up, eat luxury food, and apply scented oils to your body, but without meditating on God, your body shall surely turn to dust and you shall have to depart. How treacherous is this world; very few realize it! Salvation rests in the Lord’s Sanctuary; O Nanak, this is your pre-ordained destiny (Guru Granth Sahib Ji, 398).

This day arrives and this day shall go. You must march on; nothing remains stable. Our companions are leaving and we must leave as well. We must go far away. Death is hovering over our heads. Why are you asleep? Wake up, you ignorant fool! You believe that your life in the world is true. The One who gave you life also provides you with nourishment. In each and every heart, He runs His shop. Meditate on the Lord and renounce your egotism and self-conceit. Within your heart, contemplate the Naam, the Name of God, every morning. Your life has passed away, but you have not arranged your path. Evening has set in and soon there will be darkness on all sides. Ravi Daas says, O ignorant mortal, don’t you realize that this world is the house of death? (Guru Granth Sahib Ji, 793).

63 Responses to “Remembering Satya Amrit Singh”

  1. dimpumangat says:

    Rest In Peace Amrit Veer.

  2. guruprakash kaur says:

    I was very touched by how this man lived his life. I didnt know him, but i wish id had the chance to. Blessings to him and his family and all who loved him. Waheguru.

  3. Sham Kaur Khalsa says:

    I would like to share another amazing aspect of this beautifull soul, I only met him through emails when we were suppose to meet on denmark at the Climate Change meeting, he had participated as part of the youth for climate change, young people from all over the world wanted to raise their voice to governments to do the right thing for our planet, and he was there as a beautifull sikh also rallying for the environment, he has skype me recently to ask for funding to participate in the next meeting in Cancun, Mexico.. He has served the Guru in sooo many ways, my love and admiration for this beautifull soul, let his way back home be guarded by Guru Ramdasji and Guru Gobing SIngh and merge with the one. Sat Siri Akal, My love is with his family and friends.

  4. Panch Nishan Kaur says:

    Thank You Gurumustuk Singh! What a beautiful tribute to Satya Amrit’s life. The photos capture the many facets of his character that I came to experience during the short time of knowing Satya Amrit Singh. I had the blessing to meet him during the Chliean Yoga Festival in January of this year. We had many opportunities to talk and I learned a few things about his life I would like to share. Satya Amrit was a bright, intelligent and passionate person with a deep caring for Mother Earth and all humanity. He worked in the NGO sector as an environmental educator and cared deeply for improving the quality of people’s lives. He spent some months in Guatemala helping improve the quality of water and described situations where the water ran black. He talked about the importance of providing a healthy environment for children to grow up in and the importance of pregnant woman having clean water. He had a missionary spirit to help improve people’s lives where ever possible. As a young leader he represented an NGO during the internationally known Climate Conference in Copenhagen 2009. During this conference he had the opportunity to play music with Desmond Tutu who won the Noble Peace Prize in 1984. As a advocate for peace and change himself, having the opportunity to meet Desmond Tutu meant a lot to Satya Amrit and he was proud to do it in his bana representing the light of the Guru in the midst of the Copenhagen Conference.

    During the recent earthquake in Chile Satya Amrit played an important role in serving and bringing hope and healing to people in areas where everything was lost. He served as a community organizer as part of 3HO Chile. With whatever it was he did, Satya Amrit brought enthusiasm, inspiration and exuberance. It was a true blessing to my life to have the opportunity to cross paths with his soul.

    There is so much more to say and what are words in a moment like this. Satay Amrit was such a light with a bright destiny. What a gift he left with his music, the song of his soul will play on

  5. Sat Raha Kaur says:

    tu lo dejistes amigo es el tiempo de amar. tu estaras por siempre en mi corazon. <3 me faltan las palabras de desir lo que pienso pero te mando pura luz y amores para que subes al cielo y te conviertes a un angel hermoso de luz.
    y les mando a todos que te echan de menos mucha fuerza y carino para siguir.
    gracias por las conversaciones con tigo. gracias por tu hermosa musica. gracias por compartir. gracias por los momentos de paz, luz y alegria. gracias por ser una persona tan linda llena de amor.
    aaakkkkkkkkallll aakkkkkkkkaallll aaaakkkkaaaalll amigo <3

  6. Sat Nam and thank you Sikhnet and Gurumustuk Singh for this beautiful remembrance. Satya Amrit didn't make it to Summer Solstice Sadhana Celebration as he hoped, but he did get to the European Yoga Festival. He was on kitchen seva, and every time I saw him he had a relaxed and joyful smile on his face. He was a wonderful presence in our family. He had many skills and was always looking to learn more so he could serve more. I will always remember him with a smile. May God and Guru guide his way on. Guruka Kaur

  7. Harleen Panesar says:

    Thank you so much for this. I'm having a really hard time dealing with this and feel so far away (I'm writing this from Canada). I just spoke to Satya on skype a few days ago and could not believe when I found out about his passing on facebook. I'm grateful for this blog as I feel I can reflect with those who were also lucky to have met a truly beautiful person.

  8. GINO says:

    He was my classmate at highschool, sorry friend have good trip!! now you belong to the eternity…
    Good bye

  9. devsuroopkaur says:

    Thank you for posting this beautiful tribute to Satya Amrit Singh. I am grateful for the interconnectivity of the world in that I was blessed to be friends with Satya Amrit solely through Skype and Facebook. What a lovely, kind and sweet spirit. He introduced me to his music earlier this year and asked me to listen. Thus began a friendship throughout the year — talking about many things including music, purity, and maintaining purity while in the music business! We were hoping to be able to play music together at Summer Solstice but he was unable to come. I have a whole set of communications still in Skype talking about his broken wrist, doing sadhana, Myspace or not, time for breakfast. Just regular life stuff. A couple of friends and I chanted Akaal for him for 11 minutes this evening. My deepest blessings and love for this beautiful, precious soul and for the comfort and blessings of his family. Dev Suroop Kaur – Espanola, New Mexico

  10. javier roman says:

    aun no lo creo… alguien me puede confirmar esto? yo deje de ver a Oscar hace 4 años creo nos había que se había ido del país…
    Si es asi .. de que murio….? sus padres ya se enteraron?

    Muchas Gracias…
    Javier Roman
    [email protected]

  11. Touched my heart so deeply I have no words to express. WAHEGURU!!!!!!!!

    • Margarita Olmedo says:

      a Oscar tuve el gusto de conocerlo por intermedio de mi hijo Daniel Lago Olmedo , ellos fueron muy buenos compañeros en la básica en la Escuela N°3 Alemania de Valparaíso , el compartió con nosotros en mi casa , fue muy triste cuando recibí la noticia de que ya no estabas con nosotros ,pero Dios necesitaba a un Angelito como tú .

  12. gabriela says:

    Tu luz hace que te sienta cercano, aunque no te vea hace años…gracias por tu energia, consecuencia…

  13. Shanti Shanti Kaur says:

    Thank you for honoring our brother, Satya Amrit Singh. We first met during the Chilean Yoga Festival in January. He was a joyful presence everywhere and met everyone through his music. He led chanting late into the night and was playing the music for sadhana the next morning. Satya Amrit Singh dedicated his life to peace and service and will be greatly missed. May his family and his sangat all over the world feel the comfort of Guru Ram Das. May the pure light that is you, dear one, guide your way on. With love, light and all blessings….

  14. Margarita Olmedo says:

    A Oscar lo conocí en la Escuela N°3 Alemania de Valparaíso fue compañero de mi hijo Daniel Lago Olmedo por 3 años , tuve el gusto de compartir con él en mi casa , pues eran buenos amigos con mi hijo , es muy lamentable su partida , cuando me enteré no podía creerlo , un jóven lleno de vida , lo que sí no tenía idea que no estaba en Chile…..Oscar eras otro ángel que faltaba en el cielo .

  15. Gagan Singh says:

    ਕਬੀਰ ਮਰਤਾ ਮਰਤਾ ਜਗੁ ਮੂਆ ਮਰਿ ਭੀ ਨ ਜਾਨਿਆ ਕੋਇ ॥
    Kabīr marṯā marṯā jag mū▫ā mar bẖī na jāni▫ā ko▫e.
    ਐਸੇ ਮਰਨੇ ਜੋ ਮਰੈ ਬਹੁਰਿ ਨ ਮਰਨਾ ਹੋਇ ॥੨੯॥
    Aise marne jo marai bahur na marnā ho▫e.

    Every one has to leave this world, but the person who is performing sewa at Darbar Sahib before his death I think everyone wants to die in that place.

  16. Dios necesitaba un angelito como tu Oscar ….te conocí por intermedio de mi hijo Daniel Lago estudiaron juntos en la escuela N°3 Alemania de Valparaíso fueron muy buenos amigos pudimos compartir contigo en nuestra casa …..muy cariñoso y alegre ….mis condolencias para tus padres y familia.

  17. coco singh says:

    Lovely TRIBUTE to a person. Brought tears, perhaps, as an Ardas for his Soul. Kirtan Sohila definitely !!

  18. Elin says:

    Pure Bliss is the gift he was to receive, Peace be upon all those who have to deal with his sudden departure. Wahe Guru!

  19. Pritam Singh says:

    I was so happy to know someone like Satya Amrit being part of our generation. It made me feel confident that we could bring a little more peace and love to this planet and I am actually a little angry with God for taking him from us at such an early age…

    Sometimes "Thine will be done" isn't easy to digest!

  20. Sat Karam Singh says:

    I would like to share that I got to know my brother in divine, Satya Amrit Singh, just this summer at the Eurpean Yoga Festival. I had the chance to play football (soccer) with him and some MPA kids just when the Festival started. He was a bright shining light in everything he did and he still is in our hearts. I remember his smile, a strong and beautiful smile.
    May you have a joyful journey back to the light where you came from and please say hello to God, whenever you meet him. Thank you brother.

  21. Simran Kaur says:

    I am a student from Miri Piri Academy, my name is Simran.. I just wanted to say may he live in peace , he had fulfilled his wish of coming to MPA to help out and he was very blessed to have the last 2 weeks of his life visiting the golden temple… I’d just like to say AKAL.. AKAL and that we all love you and miss u Satya Amrit..
    lots of love and blessings,
    Simran Kaur

  22. Ravi Taj Kaur says:

    Vengo de saver la noticia de la muerte de nuestro querido hermano de luz. Siento mucha tristeza. Satya Amrit Singh te deceo un buen viaje de vuelta al hogar divino que la paz i el amor te rodee i tu pura luz interior te guie
    Te recordare siempre con mucho amor

  23. Rai Singh says:

    SPECIAL REQUEST to all those who knew Satya Amrit Singh / Oscar Gálvez we are asking you to record a short video with your web cam remembering a story of him or sending a few words for the special ceremony we are planning (we will soon inform you about the place and the date) please send your video to: [email protected] Sat Nam, Thanks.

  24. GURU DEVA KAUR says:


  25. Amrit Dev Kaur says:

    Satya Amrit Singh Khalsa was so radiant, I could not even miss him on a Yoga Festival full of radiant souls. We met in France this summer, talked, laughed and shared smile and jokes when we passed each other somewhere on the grounds of the chateau. His love, commitment and seva is a true inspiration to me and many others. I enjoyed sharing with him on facebook and email, every time we communicated I was touched and I looked forward so much to meeting him again and connecting more. I am shocked to learn of his death and it teaches me something again: we have to take each moment and make something beautiful out of it, cherish it, be grateful for it. Life is full of the unexpected.

    Satya Amrit, you truly spread the divine nectar in this world and you are deep in my heart. I am praying for the well-being and peace of your family and loved ones. We are letting you go reluctantly, but I know you are in Guru Ji's arms now, a beautiful raindrop in the ocean of divinity and infinity. Sat Siri Akal Brother!

  26. Gurumustuk says:

    Thank you to Nam Nidhan Kaur for sharing a new audio by Satya Amrit Singh which I haven't heard before. This is a new version of him singing "Guru Guru Wahe Guru Guru Ram Das Guru". Listen and download it at:… You can listen to other tracks from his Akash album at:

  27. Gurumustuk says:

    email just in from Jugat Guru Singh Khalsa, Executive Principal of Miri Piri Academy:

    Dear Parents and family of MPA:

    As you all have heard we have suffered the loss of our beloved brother Satya Amrit Singh Khalsa, who was the caretaker and Mukhia Jethadar for the Intermediate boys.
    He was truly an inspiration for all of us, a wonderful young man full of life and energy to serve. He had been with us since August of this year and was really happy here. He often spoke of how grateful he was for having the opportunity to serve at MPA and be in Amritsar at Yogi Bhajans school. He spent his last days working hard and doing seva at the Golden Temple each morning, dipping and praying. What a blessing!
    We have had several family meetings with all of the children, brought them to the Golden Temple to offer their prayers and find some peace with this, and meditated with the whole school. We will continue to closely monitor each child and offer support to them as we see fit. With all of the staff we have many adults to help and support these amazing children.
    They are doing great under the circumstances and they have a resilience that is inspiring to us all. We are approaching this very naturally and directly with them, being open, answering questions etc and they have really appreciated it.

    As for the details of Satya Amrit Singhs death……he has undergone an autopsy which was inconclusive, and as of now they do not know the cause of his sudden death. It may take up to 2 months to get all of the test results back. In the meantime we are in communication with his family and in the process of arranging to send his body back to Chile as is his parents wish.
    We are in touch with local police as well as the Chilean embassy in Delhi so that this can move as fast and cleanly as possible.

    Thank you all for your prayers and support, and feel free to contact me or any of the staff with any concerns.


  28. sukh says:

    i did not know satya amrit singh at all and had never heard his music either, but i saw this blogspot and it made me cry, farewell my brother i never knew, we all have to complete this cycle but even though we know this we still will miss you as a brother of the sikh nation.
    AKAAAAAAALLLLLLLL may your journey be easy brother.

  29. waheguru singh says:

    hermano <3
    fuiste elegido para vivir eternamente en la Corte del Guru !
    ਵਾਹਿਗੁਰੂ ਜੀ ਕਾ ਖਾਲਸਾ ਵਾਹਿਗੁਰੂ ਜੀ ਕੀ ਫਤਹਿ !!

  30. Har Anand says:

    I didn't know Satya Amrit Singh, but I have listen to and loved his music. This very sad news, but this post and all the comments show so much love. My thoughts and prayers are with Satya Amrit Singh and those close to him in need of support.

    Much love,

  31. patwant kaur says:

    I didn´t had the chance to know him before, but just hearing his music touched me very deep, thank´s for being you, and all your sharing, have a sweet trip my brother, all my blessings from Viña del Mar, with love, Patwant Kaur.

  32. JAIPAL SINGH says:


  33. Satya Amrit Singh you took the SIKH VOWS with the focus as you were receiving the AMRIT.
    Thank you God and Guru for giving us this beautiful soul who served the South America community both in the realm of ecological conservation, social service and the Kundalini/ Sikh Dharma community of South America. You made a big impression in the lives of so many people. Farewell.

  34. Bachan Singh says:

    Sat Nam, Sat Nam, MiL Sat Nam

  35. Nam Nidhan Khalsa says:

    What a blessing to have shared 3 years of my life with this amazing soul, to have seen his love for God, his infinite devotion to the Guru, his awasome creativity, his endless energy, living always in chardi kala…
    his everlasting smile, …is huge heart and compassion, ….a leader of the new generations…his light will shine and give light to many generations to come trough his poetry, his music, his vision of peace…
    I feel so so so grateful to have met you in this lifetime my beloved Satya Amrit Singh Khalsa, beloved of the Guru!

  36. Nam Nidhan Khalsa says:

    Satya Amrit lived the last 6 months before going to India in my house, we shared meals, everyday sadhanas with him playing in the guitar and chanting, long deep conversations, joy and sadness…inspiring him to reach his destiny as a Sikh of the Guru…we travelled to Perú and Ecuador, teaching and sharing his songs to so many people…I remember especially the experience in the prision in Perú, where he sang for about 100 young men…..
    What an inspiration he was , is and will be for so many people….
    He is a true bright diamond, now when he is not in his body anymore, the radiance of his soul is felt so deelply, and is changing and transforming all of us ……
    he was so blessed, he left his body just after having served at the Golden temple doing Ishnan Seva…
    Just some days ago, he told some people, that he have dreamed of angels visiting him, and he insisted, " it was not a dream"….
    he was ready to depart, in total bliss, as he mentioned his close friends in MPA some days ago….
    We are with you beloved of the Guru, supporting you in the way back home…..

  37. deepkiran deep[ says:

    take long breath & think this is god's will

  38. Sat Atma Singh says:

    Yo soy otro que no llegué a conocer personalmente a Satya Amrit Singh, pero tuve contacto con él a través de su consciencia ampliada, de su radiancia que abarcaba mucho espacio.
    Sat nam

  39. andrea chadud says:

    oscarito….gran amigo….fuente de inspiracion, hombre de paz y amor….me cuesta aceptar tu partida, pero tu ejemplo, risa y energia se quedan siempre en mi corazon…..te amo infinitamente y estoy segura nos volveremos a ver en el plano infinito……gracias….gracias infinitas por tu presencia y ejemplo…..tu energia estara siempre conmigo y en el corazon de todos los que tuvimos el privilegio de conocerte……..bendiciones y luz en la vida despues de la vida!!!!!!!

  40. Pavan Kaur says:

    Satya Ambrit, siempre vas a estar en mi corazón! !
    Agradezco el haberte conocido.
    Agradezco tu música.
    Agradezco tu amor.
    Agradezco tu compañìa en esas noches que estabas a punto de dormirte por el cansancio.
    Agradezco tu simpleza.
    Le agradezco a tu alma haberse acercado…y haber tocado mi corazón.
    Hasta siempre amigo. Dios y yo, yo y Dios Somos UNO.

  41. Gabriela Rodriguez says:

    Hello everybody,
    My name is Gabriela Rodriguez, I live in Kittery, ME, USA, I studied Theatre with Oscar 6 years ago, I am so surprise about his death, but now that I am listening into his music and reading more about what was his life up to, I am so HAPPY for him, and his decisions on his very short jouney!
    He always was a light that illuminated this earth and he will keep send his light into the earth!
    His heart was humble and sweet, his energy was fun and active, he always want it to do the best to everybody!
    I am bless that I was part of his life!
    Love to everybody and specially love to his family!

  42. Har Charn Kaur says:

    Te conoci en el Festival de Kundalini Yoga de Los Andes, en Chile Tu sonrisa, humildad e infinita amabilidad, destacaron en ti, conversamos un par de veces, y sin duda tu destino y tu luz vibraran en Unidad, llegaste a la tierra de los Gurus y limpiaste los marmoles del Templo dorado, solo imagino tu dicha y tu alegria, era un sueño que compartimos y hermano lo lograste, lo hiciste y hoy me alegra que nuestra conversacion es ahora mi sueño tambien.
    Bendiciones a tu familia, serás un angel vibrando los eteres esperando ……Akal Akal Akal Akal Akal

  43. nam uttam kaur says:

    querido hermano!!tu esencia llena de bendiciones en los mundos sutiles y en el terrenal..tu emanación se proyecta como luz radiante ,escucha el dulce canto angelical que son himnos de amor y recibe paz porque tu eres la sublime flor de la creación …continuamente estarás emanando ternura ,alegria y todo el amor ,hacer de tu vida una fuente divina sagrada de felicidad…saberte divino saberte pleno!!!wahe guru ji!!

  44. Leyla says:

    Estas volando muy alto.. te fue tu cara muy conicida.
    Ahora gozas de lo que siempre incultaste..

  45. Siri Karta Singh says:

    Nos vemos en el amor

  46. I met him just last month in India and he left a great impression on me. I was so looking forward to spending more time with him. In my single meeting with him, I realized what a great man he is and how intelligent and heart-centered he is. Thank you Gurumustuk Ji for the great tribute. His physical presence will be missed.
    Akaal Akaal Akaal Akaal Akaal!
    WaheGuru Ji Ka Khalsa, WaheGuru Ji Ki Fateh!

  47. siri daya singh says:

    satya amrit, cómo olvidar nuestro retiro del curso de instructores, lo bello de la conexión al ser UNO
    bendiciones, wahe guru!

  48. Siri Gobind Kaur says:

    Satya Amrit eres luz y flecha que alumbra y guia el camino…
    viviste en la energia del Guru y has dejado el legado que Dios te aconsejo, y como buen estudiante, obedeciste y cumpliste…cantaste
    eres un ejemplo de luz, de universalidad, de nueva humanidad, de integridad, uniste!
    gracias por ser y seguir siendo siempre…puro nectar de la verdad
    tu sonido es el amor, desde el amor hacia al amor…Sat Nam

  49. Hari Karm Kaur says:

    Estoy profundaete conmocionada, no se que decir tampoco, Satya Amrit ha estado en mi pais y no lo he sabido pero muchos de mis amigos lo conocen porque lo he visto en muchas fotos con ellos… Hoy sin haber sabido quein era, he leido mucha de las cosas que lagente ha puesto y con esto es suficiente para haber sido tocada en lo mas profundo de mi corazon, siento que es hora para todos nosotros de segurisu ejemplo de luz y paz para el universo.
    Gracias hermano por tu devocion, por tu infinita entrega al Guru, por ser un Gran maestro.
    Cn todo mi corazon, que la luz guie tu camino y que tu Gracia Eterna sea mucho mas radiante.
    Sat Nam
    Hari Karm Kaur (Ecuador)

  50. KARAMJOT KAUR says: