We are the Khalsa!

We are the Khalsa!

Every Sunday the kids in Espanola, New Mexico have a short program near the end of Gurdwara where they sing a few songs in front of the sangat. Here is one of the regular songs… "We are the Khalsa!"

It starts out with…. "Strong as Steel, Steady as Stone…." and then goes into the words "We are the Khalsa, Mighty Mighty Khalsa, Everywhere we go, People want to Know…who we are….so we tell them…. WE ARE THE KHALSA".

 The song is based on old classic American sports anthem. You might find it in other venues, but I think it’s not as common as it once was. Someone way back in the 80’s or so simply replaced the name of their favorite sports team with "Khalsa" (something to be much more proud of) and the song stuck…and our kids have been singing it ever since :) 

5 Responses to “We are the Khalsa!”

  1. I love this little clip. The children are very young and they are being included in the Gurdwara program. It takes courage and some confidence to get up in front of so many people. They are
    also learning leadership skills….as they are leading the Sadh Sangat in the singing.
    Thank you for sharing with us.

  2. Manvir Singh says:

    I love this little clip

  3. Manpreet Singh says:

    Its Simply awesome..!! I am proud to see that British ppls are also following our Sikh Religion..!! :)))

  4. babaji says:

    very niice video. its very good to see little kids standing up and performing at this age infront of the sangat.

  5. pakhandi sadhu says:

    hahahaha these kids remind me of my old times as a kid :)