Shabads in Honor of Guru Ram Das Ji

Shabads in Honor of Guru Ram Das Ji

This week in honor of the Birthday Anniversary of Guru Ram Das Ji. (Oct 9th) you can listen to a selection of shabads in praise or by  Guru Ram Das. If you are like me and work most of your day on the computer, you can enjoy Guru Ram Das Shabads this week on SikhNet Radio (Channel 1) or by listening to the below custom Gurbani Media Center Personal Radio Station. The benefit of the below option is you can see the Gurbani words/meaning as well as skip to next track and even embed the player on your website. Every time the page loads a new selection of Gurbani will be queued up.


Dhan Dhan Ram Das Gur Jin Siriya Thinae Suvaariaa Blessed, blessed is Guru Raam Daas; He who created You, has also exalted You. Pooree hoee karaamaath aap sirajanehaarai dhaariaa Perfect is Your miracle; the Creator Lord Himself has installed You on the throne.

Wishes and Greetings to you on the 476th Prakash Purab of Guru Ram Das Ji. Gurpurab Di Lakh Lakh Vadai Hove.

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18 Responses to “Shabads in Honor of Guru Ram Das Ji”

  1. lovleen kaur says:

    dhan dhan sri guru ramdas ji

  2. dimpumangat says:

    May Guru Ramdass ji bless all the human beings and may peace prevails on this planet earth . whaeguru ji ka khalsa waheguru ji ki fateh. God bless

  3. snsingh says:

    Dhan Dhan Ram Daas gur Jin Siriya TIne Swariya .

  4. jagbir says:

    tamberjagbir vary nice we like every shabad

  5. jagbir says:

    kar kirpa har naam deo har naam deo birs nihadartar kar kirpahar naamdeo har naam deo guru kine kirpa har naam deo ram dass guru ser hath dharao

  6. jagbir says:

    without you, there is no other at all as it please you,keep me under your will.nanak,with intultive poise and natural love.sings your glorious praises

  7. jagbir says:

    guru nanak without you ,there is no other at all as it please you keep me under your will nanak,

  8. jagbir says:

    faiith is seeing god in the hope love

  9. jagbir says:

    O,my king,beholding the blessed vision of the loards dershan, i am at peace. you alone know my inner pain,o king;what can anyone else know?||pause||O true lord and master, you are turly my king ; what ever you do, all that is true.

  10. Pritam Kaur says:

    Very nice shabads recited..beautiful… keep it up

  11. Pritam Kaur says:

    All the sahbads recited building our faith in GURBANI , MITTHI BANI< WAHEGURUJI

  12. jagbir says:

    No…one now is my enemy. Nor is any one stranger to me.

  13. jagbir says:

    We…, ..Thanks ….you….gurbani…shabad ..printer.

  14. charanjeet kaur says:

    dhan dhan Ram Das Guru, I want to live every moment or breathe in my life in the feet of Guru Ram Das Ji .

  15. jagbir says:

    Naanak..guramukh…mil …rehai…houmai..Sabadh….jalaae.

  16. charanjeet kaur says:

    smrath guru sir hath dhareu , gur kini kirpa har namm deo , dhan dhan Ram Das Guru

  17. jaswinder singh says:


  18. JAGBIR says: