SikhNet Visit to BC Canada

SikhNet Visit to BC Canada

Myself and Guruka Singh recently came back from over two weeks of participating and teaching at camps in Surrey/BC Canada. I actually hardly took any pictures till the last few days. However, here are some pictures and videos from the days there. Thanks to everyone who hosted us and took the time to connect with us.

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  1. RS Arora says:

    I agree ABSOLUTELY with the author about the methods being so commonly adopted in the Gurudwaras all over to teach Sikhi to whosover comes over there. The Management Commiittees are seen to be not at all linterested in meditational sessions with the purpose of 'GOING INSIDE' and to remain 'connected'. The clergy are mostly unaware of this system of Sikhi. The intellectuals keep discussing without any achievements and the knowledgeables keep giving lectures and writing treatoises.

    If, by some method, we can get out of 'how, when and why' with the help of meditation, meaning simrin, we can produce the highest form of Sikhi and Sikhs as we now read in our history.

    A humble appeal: Cling to simrin for one hour in the morning and one hour in the evening and see the results in six months by yourself.