Little Khalsa: Sing-a-long for Kids

Little Khalsa: Sing-a-long for Kids

On of SikhNet’s focus this year has been projects related to kids. It’s great to see that others have the same thing on their mind. Jorawar Singh Thak (UK) and others have put together some fun little video singh along shabads with kids and animation. I’ll have to give them a test run with my kids and see how they like them. While they are fairly simple compared to mainstream animations, they are a good step in creating media for kids!

 It’s definitely necessary to make more media like this that younger kids can relate to.  The challenge will be to produce enough of it to have regular programs. DVDs and larger Sikh animations are great, but those only come out every year or two which is great….but not frequent enough. I like the middle ground approach of doing something shorter and can be done more frequently.

It is my prayer that the sangat supports more kids projects such as this and others that SikhNet is working on. It takes significant time, money, and energy to create these types of thing. 

SikhNet started with kids audio stories and has been producing new stories each week for over two years now. Since the beginning of the year we have been working on a video game project which will be the first major Sikh adventure game for kids. It’s one of those things that you don’t realize how complicated and time consuming it is to create, until you go behind the scenes working on it.





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  1. Ravsingh says:

    These are great.
    My 16month old loves watching these videos and has learnt to fold his hands with the videos.

  2. tjx11 says:


  3. it's a good post,thank you!