Create Inner Peace

Create Inner Peace

Here is a great video excerpt which was created as part of The Create Inner Peace and Resiliency program which is a landmark project pioneered by the State of New Mexico to offer First Responders classes in Kundalini Yoga and meditation to help them manage their own recovery from Critical Incident Stress (CIS).

Though the video was produced for this particular purpose, it is VERY relevant to all of us who deal with stress. I hope you watch the following 3 video set which is about 13 minutes long total.

3 Responses to “Create Inner Peace”

  1. I watched the three videos and I think you are right; this is something anybody with stress in their life can relate to and really, who hasn't some level of stress present in their life? Thank you for sharing this!

  2. Amrita Kaur says:

    Really enjoyed this one. It has applications for students who are stressed too! I do Nirvair Singh's Kundalini Yoga tapes with my Papa =) Its refreshing!

  3. Singh says:

    waheguru Waheguru………