Akhand Path: MP3 Downloads

Akhand Path: MP3 Downloads

Every week in our local Gurdwara here in Espanola, New Mexico the sangat participates in an Akhand Path.  This is a continuous un-interrupted reading of the full 1430 pages of the Siri Guru Granth Sahib (The living Guru of the Sikhs). People generally read for an hour, before being replaced by another person. This is like a 3-4 day non stop relay of people reading the Siri Guru Granth Sahib. Akhand Paath’s are often done in people’s homes as well, to commemorate special occasions. The Akhand Path is like an “umbrella” of light and protection for the sangat/community and gives participants the opportunity to experience deeper insight, understanding, and experience of the Shabad Guru (The word as Guru).


One thing I am grateful for, working at SikhNet, is that we are always enveloped in the sound vibration of the Akhand paath. The SikhNet office is part of the Gurdwara building, and just a step through our inside door and you are in front of the Guru hearing the Akhand path. We often hear people ring the bell when someone is late, and get the opportunity to read from the Guru during our work day.


Akhand Path Audio Recordings


Over the years many people have asked me about getting audio mp3 recordings of the complete reading of Siri Guru Granth Sahib. I know many friends who have a small dedicated mp3 player with speakers, that they use to play an Akhand path reading in their home all the time.  This is a special way of having the Guru’s bani always vibrating in our homes.

A couple of years ago we started some new SikhNet radio channels, and one of them (Channel 5) was dedicated just to Akhand Path audio.  In fact there are about 115 people listening right now to the SikhNet Radio Channel 5 – Akhand path. Of course with this method you have to be connected to the internet in some way. However,  this is a very accessible way to “tune in” to the same virtual Akhand paath that many others are listening to.

I’m not aware of many complete audio recordings available of Akhand Path readings, and I don’t think any of them are available for purchase anymore. These recordings were made pre-MP3 digital player days, so the way they were stored (tapes, CDs) would not work for continuous playback in today’s digital players.

Many years ago I spent quite a bit of time on the task of joining the many individual audio recordings into complete single audio files that could be played non-stop. Until recently it wasn’t practical to make these large recordings available online due to the size and bandwidth required (+cost). Imagine downloading a 2GB file on a dialup modem!! That would have taken ages.  Also most audio editing software can’t handle these giant files that are 70 hours long and which take a lot of time to do anything (open/save/edits)! Saving and moving them is a major pain to say the least. In any case you won’t have to worry about any of that because the work is done.

In order to make these recordings more accessible, yesterday and today I worked on converting the files so that they are much smaller and under 800MB in size. Though this is still a large file to download, it will be easier for people to download and share (plus it will not be such a hit on SikhNet’s server hosting costs with thousands of people downloading multi GB files!)

I am personally grateful for those people that spent the time to make the actual original recordings available to us all! I am just doing my part to help make them more accessible in this digital age.


Akhand Path Gurbani MP3 Downloads

  • Prof Satnam Singh Sethi  (Listen / Download – File Size: 732 MB – Audio length 71 hours)  This recording is fairly old and converted and joined together from many cassette tapes. This is one of my favorites because Prof. Satnam Singh has a great voice and makes it extra enjoyable to listen to.
  • Bhai Balbir Singh Sidki  (Listen  / Download – File Size: 720 MB – Audio length 70 hours )  This recording is one of the newer recordings released on a large number of audio CD disks.
  • Unknown Singh  (Listen / Download – File Size: 706 MB – Audio length 68.5 hours)   This is a recording that was produced by an unknown Sikh out of Canada and originally released as a data DVD many years ago.
  • Bhai Sarvan Singh (El Sobrante) (Listen / Download – File Size: 797MB – Audio length 77 hours)
  • Giani Bhupinder Singh (Damdami Taksal) (Listen / Download – File Size: 1.1GB – Audio length 68 hours )
  • Giani Jagtar Singh Jachak (Listen / Download – File Size: 627 MB – Audio length 91 hours )

The above recordings are a part of the Gurbani Media Center. You can also listen/download some of the smaller individual recordings of parts of the Akhand Path.

You can also download all of the above audios through BitTorrent which is best method for downloading. Use any BitTorrent program like uTorrent  and download the Akhand Path torrent file.

I hope that those of you who download and play these recordings experience the Guru’s vibration and sacredness.  I would also like to encourage you to support SikhNet with a donation to contribute back to this  free service which is provided only with YOUR support.

39 Responses to “Akhand Path: MP3 Downloads”

  1. J Singh says:

    waheguru ji ka khalsa, waheguru ji ke feteh

    I am trying to download Prof Satnam Singh Sethi version but only a few kB of it is saving- can you be solve this problem

    many thanks

    • mrsikhnet says:

      J Singh, I have heard reports from others having similar problems but I can't reproduce the problem.

      How fast is your internet connection? Go to http://www.speedtest.net and run a test. It should tell you upload and download speed.

      What web browser and version do you use? In your browser if you select the "help" menu and look for an "about XXX browser" which should show version.

      In the mean time all I can suggest is trying again later or test from another computer/internet connection.

      If you and others can send me more info I can try to figure out what is going on.

      • Amarjot says:

        Sat Nam Ji,

        Prof Satnam Singh Sethi Ji’s MP3 downloaded only 347 MB. The file is intact so I can play it but it seems to be one half of the file.



    • Harwant Singh says:

      Install a free software called "Free Download Manager". You can download it here "http://www.freedownloadmanager.org/download.htm" and enable BitTorrent protocol during installation. Then it will save it in a folder called Downloads on your c: drive. It will be in a subfolder called Music. You can play it with VLC media player which is also free and can be downloaded from "http://www.videolan.org/vlc/" hope this helps you. Many thanks to SikhNet for the excellenr sewa they are doing. Humbly Harwant Singh.

  2. J Singh says:

    Bhaji, i am currently using Mozilla Firefox but the problem does not exist on Google Chrome browser as more than a 100 Mb has currently been downloaded.

    Thanks alot for the web link for it suggested that Google Chrome will be a faster browser to use.

  3. Davinder Singh says:


    Gurmustak Singh Ji,
    Can you please put these files in a torrent form also?? Because here in Kenya, we dont have that much fast and reliable internet connections. I am trying to download these files since last three days, but net connectivity breaks in the middle :( I have also tried to use download manager, but it says that "server does not provide resume capabilty". So, can you please put all these files on seperate torrents? I will, for sure, seed it as long as possible.

    • mrsikhnet says:

      Davinder Singh, you can download the Gurbani MP3 Akhand Path Audio files with any bittorrent program by downloading this torrent file in your program

      If it doesn't start downloading after a while then make sure that only these three trackers are in the torrent: http://inferno.demonoid.com:3396/announce http://tracker.publicbt.com:80/announce

      Ps. Please leave it seeding for others as well :)

      • Davinder Singh says:

        Thank you very much. I will keep seeding forever..

      • Sukhwinder says:

        hi Mrsikhnet
        I am going to seed this torrent on 1gb line as long as I could ( 700mb downlaods in about 5 mins depending on downloader's connection). and with you permission I can upload these files to my server also. I have lots of bandwidth available that I can spare for downloading to help you. These multi server clouds are on 1gb lines so are very fast This is will be Seva.
        please contact me at [email protected] and let me know if this is ok

    • Parmjeet Mankoo says:

      Sat Shri Akaal,

      I've downloaded all the files in Kenya. If anyone needs in Kenya please contact me.
      I'm working in Devki Steel Mills Ltd as a Group Production Manager. and my contact number is +254 734035486.

  4. Poonam Preet Singha says:

    Sat Shri Akal je..

    My name is Poonam Preet Singha. I am looking for Shabad " nadiyan vahan vicharey mela sanjogi ram" from long long time… I have same shabad but its in different style as which I am looking is in continues line nt in breaks…. hope u understand as ragi g sing same shabad line in one breath n little fast fast… I had listen same shabad from Sach khand Shri Darbar Sahib Jee.

    Pls if u find same shabad then send me or reply me at [email protected]

    waiting reply

  5. bhalinder says:

    sat sri akal
    your work in this field is very apericiable you r joining the sangat with true lord

  6. Hrdev Singh says:

    WGKK WJKF, Veer ji, This is an excellent sewa.


    Waheguru Ji Khalsa Waheguru Ji Ki Fateh

  8. Dhiren says:

    I am Gujarati, from Jamnagar, but I hear (whenever I have time occasionally)e Akhand path on "Zee Punjabi channel." I like to have CD/DVD of Gurubani. possibly with hindi understanding.Where can I get CD/DVD.
    I have purchases a book with title " Sukhamani Sahib " with original pronunciation and meaning,in Gujarati,published by Shri Guru Nanak Study Circle Gandhi Nagar, Gujarat. From Gurudwara Jamnagar.
    Can someone help me.my e-mail id.- [email protected]

  9. Hardeep singh says:


    Logon to ww.sikhnet.com there under media you go to gurbani media center there you can listen as much Gurbani as you want

    [email protected]

  10. hardeep singh says:

    please advise me if the akhand paath recited by giani in 42.15 hours 725mb a complete version orissomething missing


  11. Pritam Kaur says:

    Waheguruji Ka Khalsa Waheguruji ki Fateh,,, I was trying to download Shri Akhand Paath by Bhai satnam Singhji, but couldnt, halfway it stopped , I am in Kenya, nairobi.Hope i will get some help.

  12. Gurumustuk says:

    Pritam Kaur, the only thing I can suggest is to download the audio using a bittorrent program

    1. Download program from http://www.utorrent.com
    2. Then download the Akhand Path torrent file. This should prompt to open in the newly installed uTorrent program. Once it is loaded in iin uTorrent then it wills tart to download. You can select which files you wish to download if you only want one akhand path recording.

    Use any BitTorrent program like uTorrent and download the torrent file.

    • Hardeep says:

      Veer Ji


      This torrent seems to have died down with no seeders. Could you please reseed. Be very grateful !

  13. umita luthra says:

    i want sahaj path on your channel??

  14. ranjeet singh says:

    vir ji mai three time satnam singh ji version lode kita par har vele 400mb download hone to baad aape downloding stop ho jandi hai

  15. Jashan says:

    ssa ji
    i am trying to download audio Shri Akhand path sahib of Bhai Balbir Singh Sidki ji, but it didn't go throuh.
    can anybudy help me out plz for download complete Akhand Path Sahib.

  16. mandeep kaur says:

    waheguru ji ka khalsa wahguru ji ki fteh jiiiii………….
    i wanna download audio sri akhand path sahib of bhai bhupinder singh……………but when i click on download it starts……………but after 2 or 3 mins it shows interrupted………
    plzz help me nd tell me how can i complete download

  17. the "unknown" Sikh sounds exactly like Bhai Balbir Singh except there is kirtan in the beginning. Giani Bhupinder Singh sounds great except the sound quality is terrible. Bhai Sarvan Singh also suffers from poor sound quality. my vote is for Bhai Balbir Singh Sidki. i have been using his Akhand Path for years. the sound quality is very good. i have not tried Prof Satnam Singh Sethi. it may be necessary to upgrade your internet speed even if it is only for 1 month and using the DAP will help tremendously http://www.speedbit.com/

  18. sneha says:

    Could some one please send me the entire guru granth sahib mp3… I am having trouble downloading the same. I would really appreciate it.
    Thanks in advance.
    E mail id : [email protected]

  19. MANDEEP says:

    i amm greatfully thankig to u Mr SIKHINTERNET

  20. UNKNOWN SINGH says:


  21. harpreetsldh says:

    I am trying to download Akhand Path of Bhai Sarvan Singh ( El Sobrante ) for last four hours . My download speed is 500-700 KBPS . It is breaking after downloading about 70 MBPS . Kindly suggest a remedy .

  22. Daljinder Singh says:

    waheguru ji ka khalsa wahguru ji ki fteh

    Sir, I have recorded the bani of Sri Guru Granth Sahib and I wants the same to be upload on sikhnet please tell me what can i do for this.

  23. Joginder Singh says:

    Dear Singh Sahib, WGKK WGKF
    I am learning Path Guru Granth Sahib ji. I used to open one Ang of GGS for reading and on the other Virtual Terminal (Page of Net) I used to listerned to voice path of the same Ang so as to correct my pronounciation in case of variation. There was a provision in Voice Path page to select the page number to start with and after end of every page, next page only comes when prompted to do so . But after formating of PC I have forgotten the site from where that voice path was available. Could your goodself and any body on the site, help me in telling that site please.

    (Joginder Singh Chahal)

  24. Amandeep Singh says:

    wgkk wgkf i really love sikhnet its absolute awsomness

  25. Surinder says:

    How do i put in on pause and start from the pause point??????