Align Your Spine to Feel Just Fine!

Align Your Spine to Feel Just Fine!

Does it matter how you sit when you meditate? Well, in my own experience… it really matters a lot!

Those of you who practice Kundalini Yoga probably already know the value of sitting up and meditating with your spine straight. However I know there are probably some of you who don’t know the importance of sitting up straight during meditation.

When you meditate, all the energy in the central nervous system moves through the spinal cord. When the spine is not straight the energy can’t flow freely, but when we sit up straight with all the vertebrae lined up without tension, and shoulders relaxed, then the energy can flow freely. Cherdikala, "high spirits" results when the Kundalini energy returns down through the Ida and Pingala (subtle energy channels in your back) and that opens all the chakras.

So the next time you are meditating, or sitting in Gurdwara singing Gurbani, be conscious of your posture. Try sitting up straight, close your eyes and you fix your attention on the Gurbani. Allow yourself to be drawn into the sound of the Gurbani and the rhythm of the breath. Just try it. Sit straight. Breathe deeply, and see what happens.

What has been your experience?


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5 Responses to “Align Your Spine to Feel Just Fine!”

  1. Jaslien says:

    This post was really interesting. Personally I get back aches as well if I dnt sit straight which makes it harder to meditate later on. I also use a Kamer Kassa if it's that bad and it helps a lot.

  2. Preet says:

    mine is the same problem as Sandeep. I sit for 10 – 15 mins and my legs go numb.
    sometimes i really get frustrated, because with legs being numb i have to move around and can hardly meditate or concentrate on kirtan.
    i have tried different postures but it didnt help :(
    stretching didn't help either :(

  3. morgan singh says:

    SSA jios,
    actually we can sit on a chair and keep our spine straight to meditate and dont get numbness in our legs, the blood flows properly