Baisakhi Vaisakhi Waheguru Vaheguru

Baisakhi Vaisakhi Waheguru Vaheguru

In recent years I have started to question the way some words are spelled when written in English. I have grown up writing and even chanting "Waheguru"  (with a "W") and saying "Baisakhi" with "B".  I have since changed my habit however though  I do wonder how so many people started spelling both these words this way. When you read the Gurmukhi the first letter clearly starts with a "ਵ" (ਵਾਹਿਗੁਰੂ / ਸਾਖੀ ), which makes the sound "V" not "B" or ਬ. You don’t see the word written as ਬਸਾਖੀ. I thought this was important particularly for chanting / meditating with the Vaheguru Mantra. Chanting with a "W" (Waheguru") is quite different then with a "V".

What do you think about this?


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  1. Guruka_Singh says:

    Yah, definitely not a B, but we have no equivalent sound in English – halfway between a V and a W.

    • So use to 'W', but at the back of my head 'V' makes more sense.

      Sometimes I think, it's not that important to talk about, but then I think that's like saying it's not important how words in Gurmukhi are spelled.

      Then I think, I don't care too much how words are spelled in English, it's more important that I spell them correctly in Gurmukhi.

      So I just stick to 'W' cause I've become to use to it. :)

      Gur Fateh ji!

  2. Jass Oberoi says:

    Very true…..

  3. Sundeep Singh says:

    Some sants and scholars have told me to pronounce waheguru with a W sound, not a V sound. I guess this is just one of those things where the true answer is carried forward from our past.

  4. Taran Singh says:

    Gurumustuk Singh Ji …… In Hindi Vaisakhi is called baisakhi… that is why it is spelled different by some people .

    Vaisakhi (Punjabi: ਵਿਸਾਖੀ, Hindi: बैसाखी vaisākhī, also known as Baisakhi or Vasakhi)

  5. Taran Singh says:

    Gurmustuk Singh ji, Vaisakhi is pronounced as Baisakhi in Hindi and that is why it is spelled with "B".

    Vaisakhi (Punjabi: ਵਿਸਾਖੀ, Hindi: बैसाखी vaisākhī, also known as Baisakhi or Vasakhi)

  6. surinder singh says:

    Gurmustak Singh Ji…………….. Vaisakhi is Purely pronounced in punjabi, Baisakhi is Hindi pronouncation. In india Pronouncation changes every 50 km. It is our own responsibility to understand our language & dont leave our roots. Sir why dont you highlight the issue of hair cuts by ladies & daughters of our so called Jathedars & sikh leaders.

  7. Jaslien says:

    Vaisakhi came from the month april which is called Vaisakh in Punjabi.

  8. Baneet Kaur says:

    Waheguru Ji Ka Khalsa
    Waheguru Ji Ki Fateh Ji

    I personally feel that Waheguru/Vaheguru does not mind all this……we can spell it anyways I think..

  9. Gurjeet Singh says:

    Oh! Gurumustak, sometimes I think you are just being cheeky. If one could review the sangrand hukam, it starts with "ਵ" ਵਸਾਖੀ which is the English V. There is no pronunciation in Gurumukhi that starts with W/X/Z so they don't exist in Hindi, Sanskrit, Urdu and many other languages from the Asian heritage.

    Now then, Vaheguru was written starting with W is what I believe is a spelling mistake. But I am nnot the one who wants to bring a revolution in the Panth by saying that if you chant "aueguru then you will not reach anywhere but hell… LOL even Valmiki started chanting MARA MARA MARA that led him to RAMA RAMA RAMA

    We'll get there anyway.

    Best wishes

    • Gurjit says:

      My name is Gurjit, but I have always thought it was spelt wrong and should be Gurjeet. I am will ing to change my name to the correct spelling, but need some ref from knowledgeable person with ref from Gurmukhi. Thanks

  10. Harjot Singh says:

    In Punjabi / Gurmukhi there is no sound equivalent to W sound. We have ਵ (v) sound. We who have studied in India pronounce W and V as the same, only difference is how it is spelled ? People who have studied in American system can correctly distinguish between W and V sound. Lately i have stopped using the W when writing in Pinglish (Punjabi in English). ਵਾਹਿਗੁਰੂ should be spelled VAHEGURU – following the above guideline. Another example i want to bring up is ਗੁਰਦੁਆਰਾ – this should be spelled GURDUARA – meaning ਗੁਰੂ ਦੁਆਰਾ (through Guru). But again Indian system we have been raised up and seen all our life it's spelled GURDWARA (which is wrong). First there is no W sound in Punjabi / Gurmukhi. Secondly it changes the meaning of the word and most important of all in GURU GRANTH SAHIB it's spelled only as ਗੁਰਦੁਆਰਾ

  11. ppp says:

    Baisakhi is hindi term which stand for "crutches" in english. so it should be pronounced as Vasaakhi. not Baisakhi.
    For next one, I think correct pronunciation is Vaheguru, not Waheguru (which may sound like W in Watch)
    So I think Gurumastak Ji is fine. But I haven't understood what Gurjeet Singh Ji is saying.

  12. Amarjodh Singh says:

    I have been told by a wise man, from Damdami Taksal, the it Wahiguru is definetely not a straight W or a V, just as Gurukah Singh Ji said. Your lips are halfway between a W and a V and you push with your breath though your lips to make the sound, if that makes sense…


  13. amarjit singh says:

    I will deviate from the main topic…i am interested in getting my hands on the spirituallly based gurmukhi akhaar poster that is on this site…..thought the punjabi school teachers here might find it useful….if anyone cld pls direct me to the appropriate souce for us to purchase it…much appreciated
    amarjit singh

  14. PKaur says:

    ਗੁਰੂ Guroo not Guru – but I could be mistaken.

  15. jashan preet says:

    i really liked this website……. thank to publisher of this web site……..

  16. Gurjit Singh says:

    What is the correct spelling of the name of Gurjit / Gurjeet ? One site states it is 2 different names;
    Gurjeet One winning the Guru's heart / Guru's Victory
    Gurjit triumph of the guru
    Is this correct or not ?

  17. vwaheiguruooo says:

    i think we are like the muslim fighting over schools of thought
    or like the hindus fighting over caste system
    learn gurmurki not roman gurmurki
    and what does the heart say the mind is a trick