A Story of Chardikala

A Story of Chardikala

Here is an inspiring video story told by Navleen Kaur about a Sikh women being in Chardikala. She tells the story about how she met a victim of the 1984 Delhi riots. This woman saw her family murdered in front of her, and raped, yet she remains happy, serviceful and grateful. 

What I liked about this video was that this is a modern story of courage and moving on, and not getting stuck in the past. We are used to hearing stuff like this about Sikhs during the times of the Gurus, but not very often these days. This is a good example for us all to stay in high spirits no matter what happens. It is an example of being strong! 

This video is an excerpt from Camp Miri Piri (Espanola) 2009.

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  1. susoma says:

    Very Inspirational and uplifting! A compelling story told by a compelling story-teller. Thank you for posting.

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  3. Gurmeet says:

    Satshriyakaal Ji

    It is really an inspirational real life event, may GOD also bless all human beings to be blessed with this kind of chardikala, the way the woman told in this event was blessed with.Such events inspire a man to be on Waheguru’s path without quivering or wavering in anyone’s tough times.

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  5. sarabjitsingh says:

    satnaam shri wahe guru