Impactful Communication

Impactful Communication

This past Friday I was feeling on the verge of getting sick so I stayed at home and watched a bunch of old videos that Guruka Singh gave me, of classes with SSS Harbhajan Singh Khalsa Yogiji. Every month a group of us local "youth" get together, meditate, talk, share and discuss. It was my turn to facilitate the meeting so I had to pick out something for us to do. We did a meditation together and then watched this video. It was great. After we finished the video we talked about communication in relation to our own lives. It’s one thing to learn something and another thing to consciously apply it to your life.

Communication is such an important thing and you would think that there would be some education or curriculum to help people communicate better. Maybe that’s why there are so many people fighting and arguing. Watching videos like this are great reminders of being conscious of what comes out of my mouth.

The past few weeks when we have been playing Ultimate Frisbee there has been a lot of arguing, and it’s been getting intense at times.  Yesterday I was "in the zone" and didn’t get sucked into it. It was a great feeling to just be calm and non-reactive to situations. It does take effort though to be conscious and not let the "animal emotional instinct" run you.

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  1. Gupt Kaur says:

    Thank you For Posting these Educational lectures!
    the middle of our rib cage is like our nucleus then eh?


  2. Gurwant says:

    Thank you for sharing this Lectures.
    I might share it someone.