Your Mind as the Enemy

Your Mind as the Enemy

Every Sunday during Gurdwara we listen to an inspirational lecture related to Sikhi. The talk was about "Anand" and "Sikh Dharam". I have heard this lecture many times but it always make me think and inspires me. I edited the audio down to a shorter 10 min excerpt for you to listen to. (or you can hear the full audio here)

 The Gurdwara lecture is from Jan. 6th 1988, by Siri Singh Sahib Harbhajan Singh Khalsa Yogi ji. Below are a few quotes that I typed up from the talk.

[Audio: singh sahib/SSS Harbhajan Singh Khalsa Yogiji – Gurdwara Lecture – 1-6-88-EXCERPT.mp3|autostart=yes]   

"You don’t have any enemy. Your enemy is your own mind, When your mind controls you and draws you out of you; And takes you where it wants to take you. You are absolutely going to default, not for unhappiness, but for tragedy. Mind cannot be controlled by you alone. Mind needs meditation. Mind needs positive affirmation and Gurus word is that positive affirmation…."

"If you want to see Guru Gobind Singh or don’t see Guru Gobind Singh. Some people say ‘we don’t want to see the picture of Guru Gobind Singh because some painter painted it’. Forget it, don’t go after the painting, don’t go after the picture. Dress yourself and stand before the mirror and see Guru Gobind Singh in the mirror.

Guru Gobind Singh will be always alive or dead, represented, not represented, graceful, not graceful, because of the act and pace and space of a Sikh. These are the Guru Gobind Singh’s own words; That my life is that of the Sikh; My prana is that of the Sikh. My Sikh is my grace. These are the words of the same Guru which you want to appear. How more explicit, open and honest a Guru can be? The problem is that we want to dress ourselves to please others. The day we dress ourself to please ourself, and the day we dress ourself to please the Guru, we made it….."

"In you is your own soul. I am not saying follow Sikh Dharma. I’m not saying follow Islam. I’m not saying follow Christianity. I say follow the whole universe, follow anything, or don’t follow anybody. But if you do not get to see your own soul within your own concept and conception, whatever you have followed or not followed, you have wasted your lifetime. There is no redemption. Guru Guides you, by the experience…."

"Sikh Dharam is a practical religion. It is not a religion to only be followed on Sunday. This religion starts at 3AM and never ends. It’s an endless religion…." 

2 Responses to “Your Mind as the Enemy”

  1. Gunilla says:

    Thank you, Gurumustuk :-) These are great words and great thoughts… I like the part of being regal in all moments of life.

  2. That is an ver emotive speech… simple and to the piont.