LA MUJER NOBLE – Noble Woman

LA MUJER NOBLE – Noble Woman

My mother Satkirin Kaur was recently in Santiago, Chile (January 2010) for the Kundalini Yoga Festival and made a beautiful CD single in Spanish: "LA MUJER NOBLE" (Noble Woman) which is a remix of the track from her CD Blessings of a Woman. This is a really nice track which features affirmations to help guide women to their power through NOBILITY. 

You can listen to a clip of it, order the CD/mp3 download at SpiritVoyage


El nuevo CD single en español se titula: LA MUJER NOBLE (Noble Woman). Esta canción es MUY poderosa para orientar a las mujeres a su poder a través de la NOBLEZA. Remezclado desde el CD: BENDICIONES DE UNA MUJER y grabado en Santiago de Chile en enero de 2010 después del Festival de Kundalini Yoga de allí.

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  1. Gunilla says:

    This affirmation is very fitting in my life right now. Your mothers voices is fantastic and I love this track, although I rather listen to the English version. I'm happy, this version might reach even more women can feel empowered by your mothers words.