Where is God?

Where is God?

Dhyan Singh from Milton Australia sent me these poems today and I wanted to share them with everyone.




He is in the womb of the Earth
that nurtures millions of unseen living beings
He is in the vast sky that showers rain
to quench the thirst of plants, animals and human beings

He is in the silence of the deep dark night
and in the thunder and lightning of a mighty storm
He is in the birth of a new born child
and in the death that transforms a body into a corpse

He is in the tears and suffering of millions of men and women
in the world
and in the laughter of joyful beings
He is in the chirping of a beautiful bird
and in the dancing of leaves swaying rhythmically in
the breeze

He is in the peace and tranquility of a quiet lake
and in the mighty ocean waves rushing forth ceaselessly
towards the waiting shore
He is in the fiery rays of the burning sun
and in the cool soothing light of the luminous moon

He is in the melody of devotional music and chanting
and in the deep peace of silent meditation
He is limitless, boundless, formless, nameless
not belonging to any country, race or religion
beyond human thought and intellect
for the vast mysterious universe
is without beginning and without end



In silence was this universe born
and in silence the sun gives birth to a new dawn
In silence the moon slowly appears in the dark sky
and in silence the mind drifts to memories of days gone by

In silence is a child conceived in a mother’s womb
and in silence death strikes terror and doom
In silence thousands of thoughts create turmoil in our minds
and in silence, in the depths of our heart intense emotions bind

In silence the soul changes bodies
in our journey to the next incarnation
In silence our past karma pursues us to our new form
and body manifestation

And it is only in the depths of silence that we can experience
peace and liberation

Dhyan Singh

6 Responses to “Where is God?”

  1. Mariah says:

    these words touch the essence in my belief, of what god is.
    this poem is beautiful, thank you.

    Karuna Shukti

  2. Manjit Kaur says:

    Beautiful………it touched my soul…..
    Thank you for sharing.

  3. Harbhajan Kour says:

    Dhan Dhan Guru Nanak Dev Ji Maharaj!!!!!!!!!

  4. Upinder Kaur says:

    Wonderful poem !
    just makes you feel the presence of God.

  5. Sikh Kara says:

    Very nice words………

  6. Surinder Singh Sokhi says:

    wonderful poem……Beautiful…..it touches the soul…Dhan mere sache patshah…ek om kar