Narayan Singh & Miri Piri Academy

Narayan Singh & Miri Piri Academy

It’s been about 4 months since my son Narayan Singh left home on an his spiritual/educational adventure of boarding school at Miri Piri Academy (Amritsar, India). Counting the months since he has left, it seems like he has been gone for much longer. Has it only been four months?? We all miss him, but I take comfort in knowing how good he is doing at school. It would be selfish for me to keep him with me at home knowing how much more he will grow and change at MPA than at home or a regular local school.

I thought it might be hard for him to adjust to boarding school away from us but I was quite surprised how easily he adjusted. He has his own cell phone which he can use on the weekends to talk to us. This past week he said, "I don’t miss you guys anymore, so we don’t have to talk all the time every weekend". It reminded me of a metaphor that Guruka Singh used when talking about how it felt sending his kids to India, and the cycle of coming and going. He explained it like two magnets (your child and you). As your child is leaving it is like pulling two strong magnets apart. The pull is so strong at first, but as they get further away the pull is less. Then as the time gets closer for you to see your child again (magnets getting closer again) you start to feel the "magnet" pull more and more. Then when you finally see your child the magnets just "Snap" back and lock together. 

The time that these kids spend in India at Miri Piri Academy together is priceless. They get an experience that the wouldn’t get in America or most other western countries. Every time I talk to Narayan I can hear in his voice how he is growing and changing in so many ways. He just keeps telling me how much fun he is having and how much he likes it. There are other schools that Sikh kids could go to, but MPA is unique and has the balance of education and spirituality that I relate to. I remember Narayan being excited when he was getting ready to go to MPA and wanting to meet the new "Tibetan" kid who was also starting school that year. There are many different kids from different parts of the world and religious backgrounds.

This year a new junior program was started with Amrit Kaur (Virginia) heading that up, and I think it is going quite well! I hope that more parents consider sending their kids to Miri Piri Academy. It can be expensive, but compared to private school in USA it’s not much different, and worth every penny!

I wish I had more pictures to share with you of Narayan’s "Adventures" but the reality is that even I haven’t seen that much. Just a few pictures here and there as well as phone conversations.

I recently god a video from Siri Ved Singh of a class that SSS Harbhajan Singh Khalsa Yogiji taught in Los Angeles February 20th, 1984. What was particularly unique for me about this video was that I was in the video! I have never seen video of myself during my India school days so it was interesting to see. Seeing a mini-me reminded me of my kids.  

In the video he called me up to the front after the class and asks me questions about going to school in India (it’s embarrassing watching myself!). This video was during my first winter break (just as this is Narayan’s first break coming up) after my first year in India (1983). I was 8 years old (almost 9). He then talks about being educated and how that is not enough for a child. After I sit down he refers to my mother  "red head" and starts to talk about the importance of the mother. How the strength that his mother gave him allowed him to deal with all the hate/slander/anger over the years. I can totally agree with this since I have gone through this myself. Having a good eduction is one thing, but being a child of God, a person with a strong spiritual base is very valuable as well. These days I think worldly education is given too much attention and the spiritual side is left in the dust.

Ultimately we are only here on this earth for a short period, and when we die all this"educational", wealth, property, etc will be gone, so if we don’t spend time to devote to seeing the God in all and mastering ourselves as spiritual people then it is all a waste. 

On a light note, I’m excited to be seeing my son Narayan very soon! I packed up my bags yesterday, weighing them carefully to make sure they don’t go above 50 pounds. On Thursday I fly off to India and then will meet my son in Delhi to then travel down to Kerala for a little family vacation on the beach. After-wards I head back up to Amritsar and spend a week in the Guru’s land before returning home. I know it will blaze by so fast!

Ps. If you are in Delhi on Dec 27th then come join me and others at the Sikh "Tweetup".

8 Responses to “Narayan Singh & Miri Piri Academy”

  1. Amrita Kaur says:

    the youtube clip with you and Siri Singh Sahebji is just amazing! Thank you again; do enjoy Kerala :)

  2. This is so touching beta. I am here at Lake Wales Flrida for Winter Solstice Sadhana.
    We did beautiful Kirtan this morning in the Amrit Vela and the Sadh Sangat is buzzing. I feel the presence of Siri Singh Sahib ji Yogi Bhajan and I am reflecting on your upcoming trip to India to meet Narayan Singh ji. We are so very blessed to be guided by such a ONE that Guru guides our hearts and our minds.You have always been a beautiful son and now more than even I can see how this all came to be.

    All our tests and challenges have led us to our destiny. A gift with no parallel is this. God bless you and God bless us to know that our future is secure. Chardi Kala and have a wonderful journey to the House of Guru Ram Das.

    With love and gratitude to God in every heart,

  3. dimpu mangat says:

    Veerji, enjoyed reading your article . it’s good to know that Narayan singh is doing great in India at MPA. May waheguru bless him with lots of happiness and good health . looking forward to read about your indian visit in next newsletter . Have a safe and sound trip.
    best wishes and regards to u and your family . satnam

  4. harjit singh says:

    Sat nam,

    I have a 8 year old girl and wish I can send her to MPA but my wife who is not religious is against it, I am growing my beard and want/plan to follow guruji’s teachings (with guruji blessing) and my wife is against this as well, i grew up in a traditional punjabi background in Malaysia whereas my wife is so westernised and grew up in a punjabi modern family.

  5. Tarsem Singh Ubhi says:

    We can all see the magnanimous impact of SSS Harbhajan Singh Khalsa’s vision of “creating teachers” and not disciples. Gurmustuk Singh you were one of the “chosen ones” who grew up to make the greatest impact to the Sikh world in this age of information. SikhNet brought together Sikhs from all corners of the globe like no other organisation! As Khalsa Ji said, your mother,S.S. Sat Kirin Kaur, is one in a million who guided you to be where you are today.

    I pray that your Son grows up to make 10 times, nay 100 million times more positive contribution to Sikhi and the Khalsa.
    Tarsem Singh

  6. Singh says:

    Waheguru bless all these kids, they are our future, of Sikhs.

  7. Singh says:

    Harjit Singh Ji, you are a good man, of all these barriers that comes in our way, don’t get discouraged. Waheguru will tell you what to do and will help you make a right decision. If you are doing the right thing don’t get bothered by what others say. We’ve come to this world alone, and we will go alone. Seeing what our Guru’s have done for us, of all those sacrifices they made for us, even if we give our lives for them, it will be less. Do what you truly want veer ji. Gurbani has all the answers to our worldly queries, and it will definitely guide you and steer you in the right direction.

    Waheguru Ji Ka Khalsa, Waheguru Ji Ki Fateh

  8. Sikh Kara says:

    Wahe guru ji da khalsa wahe Guru ji ki Fateh