Patience is the Deepest Sense of Knowing

Patience is the Deepest Sense of Knowing

Today’s lesson begins with a question: You have a ring on your finger, a very important ring to you; it was a gift from your great grandfather to his wife, your great grandmother, and then it passed down through the family. It has now been lovingly and respectfully bestowed upon your finger, which is just slightly smaller than the ring itself, so you have been vigilant in keeping it on.

You are washing your hands in a public bathroom and the ring slips from your finger and begins to bounce in the sink . . . as rings tend to do . . .

What is your move? What do you instinctively do at this moment?

How many people say . . . grab for the ring?

Your instinct is exactly that . . . chase it down and catch it! And your odds of catching it, because of its "perpetual" motion, are not one hundred percent . . . they are not very high at all.

How many people, on the other hand, say . . . cover the drain?

What are your odds of covering the drain, which is stationary? You would presume, one hundred percent. And they are! And what happens then? You cover the drain; the ring keeps bouncing . . . but eventually it must arrive to your hand . . . it is the law of gravity.

So goes the riddle of the perpetual chase of life. When you are chasing anything, the odds are not one hundred percent . . . but if you knowingly and patiently wait . . . the odds are absolute.

What did the Buddha do when he sat under the bodhi tree? He said I am done chasing. GOD: you created me; you know who I am; why I am; how I am; you know where I am . . . come to me. I will do my part and sit here until you do . . . even if it takes forever. This is very powerful . . .

This story repeats throughout history . . . over and over it teaches the same lesson every time it appears. Guru Nanak did it; Jesus did it; Muhammad did it; Moses did it; every Prophet did the exact same thing. They chased and sought and struggled until they exhausted themselves from the chase. And then, as they were taught . . . they taught to us the laws of attraction.

But then, just sitting down and waiting isn’t enough. There is another portion to the story. Patience is not just waiting; patience is the deepest sense of knowing. When you know; you can wait forever for anything to come to you . . . eventually it must . . . it is the law of the five forces of the material universe.

How many of you have ever known something this absolutely? You have sat and known, "I have forever . . . it will come to me." And no doubt it did . . . the only vague thought that possibly disrupted you was the tiniest one, "What if it really does take forever?" And then you promptly re-adjusted, "No matter, I will still be here!"

This is a many lifetimes sort of attitude . . . transcending all time, like warping space. This sense of being absolute is a fantastically powerful manifesting tool that is the foundation of the law of attraction. To use it, you must self-authorize and self-initiate; no one else can set you up. No one else can cause you to be this total capacity of a breakthrough.

And as you set yourself into this consciousness to take such an absolute position in your life; become aware of the fact that you are dedicating yourself to living way outside of normal. You are dedicating yourself to being a breakthrough impulse of many, even countless lifetimes. It has taken millions of years to create these preparations for what you are about to accomplish with a single moment . . .  such is the amazement of GOD’s hand . . . known to us as evolution.

You have become both the future and the history in this single moment of now. You are beyond time!

Be this re*evolutionary . . . become such a pioneer with your life.

by Guru Singh Khalsa –

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  1. coco singh says:

    Absolutely True !!!

    It is only the Patiently Knowing that achieves LIFE in life.


  2. ma cristina del valle funes says:


    Agradezco sus mensajes de sabiduría plena!!

    y a las Enseñanzas que han Bendecido mi vida!!

    Devta Kaur – Concordia- E.Rios – Argentina –


  3. Paneet says:


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  5. Pritam singh says:

    Exactly true

  6. Jaskirat Singh says:

    I love this piece. To trust that God will address all your concerns even if you must wait for an eternity–this is the essence of faith. Much easier said than done, but a most honorable end to aspire to nonetheless. Many thanks for your beautiful message, Guru Singh!

  7. Eric says:

    Wow! Ide like to share this article to everyone on my facebook/myspace account!