3 Things and 4 Tools

3 Things and 4 Tools

Guruka Singh talks about the simplicity of the Sikh lifestyle which is based on just three things and uses only four basic tools. The three things are (1) Kirat Karna – working honestly and devotedly; (2) Vandh Chakna – giving 1/10th of your earnings, sharing what you have with others; and (3) Naam Japna – chanting the Name of God. He explains the four tools we use for doing these three things: Bana, Bani, Seva and Simran.

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3 Responses to “3 Things and 4 Tools”

  1. Karandeep Singh says:


    Guruka Singh never ceases to amaze me – I just love how simply he can articulate the most complex spiritual concepts. Thank you!

  2. I seriously love Guruka Singh – he explains things to me with such simplicity – I can’t get this anywhere else! Thanks you guys!

  3. dimpu mangat says:

    Dear Guruka Singh, i always enjoy listening your audio/videos on sikhism and try to implement in my day to day life . very inspiring and uplifting . Thank you and appreciate .God bless Satnam wahegure. regards dimpumangat