A Lifetime of Learning

A Lifetime of Learning

This physical world is a lifetime of learning that you have come . . . and you will go.

One of the fundamental laws of this world is the impermanence of the physical body; it displays the permanence of spirit and if you are upset by the impermanence of this world, you are constantly struggling against spirit.

You are un-tuning your physical instrument and fighting what is.

Each of us has a core melody and a core rhythm. It is our song of this life and we came into this world to play it.

You didn’t come into this world to copy mine, or play anyone else’s.

But if your instrument is out of tune — even if you know your song very well —
you will not be able to play your song harmoniously. This is the importance of health and consciousness.

When you begin to align with the harmonic convergence of your song, you become intuitive. Intuition is not good guessing . . . intuition knows beyond the rational. You know because you know and that is that.

When your instrument is fully tuned, you not only live harmoniously in time space, but you know beyond timespace.

With an un-tuned instrument, there tends to be more aggression and frustration, which leads to a further need for dominance.

This creates the malfunctions of societies with their main emphasis
of life becoming the struggle for law and order.

Just like today’s world . . . we have now entered the era where nothing will work out until the instruments of humanity are tuned.

Those reading this are perhaps more in tune then most, but that doesn’t
make us better, it only makes us more in tune.

We may feel less in tune at times, but that is because we are more aware. I
t is time we further tune our own instruments.

We all have a core value.
We all have a core song at the center of our being;
it governs our tendencies and our expectations.

We need to move through the debris that has surrounded this song for generations . . .
for lifetimes . . . the debris that has kept us out of tune and out of touch.

When we become more in tune, we will then have additional responsibility.
The word is actually response ability . . .
moving through timespace with the ability to respond.
This is the sign of leadership, the sign of a teacher and of mastery.

This leadership has confidence, is deeply benevolent, and is completely centered
and highly intuitive . . .  this leadership is able to guide all life forward.
The instrument of this leadership plays the songs of life in harmony,
because the instruments are well tuned.

This is the leadership of inspiration with the coming era . . .
the era of the new economics in the next evolution.
This is a change we can all bank on, we can invest in.
This is the new prosperity . . . advancing the greatest possibilities of life.

Guru Singh


4 Responses to “A Lifetime of Learning”

  1. “…This is the leadership of inspiration with the coming era .
    the era of the new economics in the next evolution…”
    I like this Quote.
    But what does our next evolution mean?

  2. Guruka Singh says:

    As we evolve as humans, so too our economic systems and the distribution of food and goods must evolve along with us. As the understanding that humanity is ONE is awakening quickly, those who hold to the old economic models of scarcity and wealth will need to evolve or will be forced by the power of the change that is happening to let go of their old models as sharing and redistribution is a necessary part of this change.

  3. I hate being pessimistic. Do you believe that it’s possible? For generations we have been trained to compete and fight for our survival. the very fact that there is a diaspora of Punjabi, Chinese, Europeans and other ethnics show that we moved out of our homelands because of scarcity. My question is, how are we going to prove that scarcity is an illusion when we have overwhelming social and economical proof that it’s not?

  4. Guruka Singh says:

    I am glad to hear that you hate being pessimistic ;-)

    Of course I believe it’s possible.

    I also believe it is inevitable.

    That does not mean that I think it will happen easily or smoothly.

    There is nothing to prove. It is self-evident to those who have eyes to see:

    “There is never any deficiency at all; the Lord’s treasures are over-flowing. His Lotus Feet are enshrined within my mind and body; God is inaccessible and infinite. All those who work for Him dwell in peace; you can see that they lack nothing.”