Japji Sahib Intensives in Malaysia and Thailand

Japji Sahib Intensives in Malaysia and Thailand

Sat Nam and many blessings. It has taken me some time to understand how to use Gurumutsuk Singh’s new blog format. But now that I do understand it, I am grateful to be sharing information on the Mr. SikhNet blog again. For those of you who may be interested, I will be coming to Thailand and Malaysia at the end of October and the beginning of November respectively to lead some intensive workshops on Guru Nanak’s Japji Sahib.

First – there will be the Kundalini Yoga Festival in Asia which will take place from October 28 through November 1 in Thailand. This promises to be a lovely event, with Kundalini Yoga students coming from Singapore, China, Australia and many other countries. During the festival, there will be many teachers there – including Sunder Singh, and Nirvair Singh and Nirvair Kaur. It will be my blessing to lead sessions about Japji Sahib in the afternoons of October 29, 30 and 31. For more information about the Kundalini Yoga Festival in Asia, please visit:  www.kundaliniyogaasia.org/events.htm.

Then, CHAYO STUDIO in Petaling Jaya, Malaysia will host a Japji Sahib Intensive on the evenings of November 3, 4 and 5 from 6:30 to 10:00 pm. The cost for the workshop is RM188 if registered by 25 October, and RM200 after that. For more information, please visit:
www.chayostudio.com.my or email [email protected]

During both of these workshops, we will meditate together, chant, dialogue and discuss the meaning of Guru Nanak’s Japji Sahib. We will explore how to apply these beautiful teachings in our day to day lives so that we can live life with peace, happiness, ease and an abiding trust in the Will of the Divine.

If it is possible for you, I hope to see you there.

With Divine Light and Divine Love,

Ek Ong Kaar Kaur Khalsa – Espanola, New Mexico

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  1. sarbjit singh says:

    all this is done with goodwill and love for our Bani but i was shocked when it was last done in Singapore a few years back. i was shocked how the japji sahib was being decribed in sounds and vibrations. it is so wrong.

    Japji Sahib is a guide which needs to be read the mind. Guru Nanak did not figure out sounds and vibrations as it was being described. Guru Nanak was putting down advice in the Bani for all mankind. Please don’t find a short cut to connecting to one’s innerself. there are no shortcuts. not by exercise or diet or sitting in silence.

    The only way is reading, understand and practising what is written in the bani in our daily life. Salvation is when you start doing that in your daily life, while you live in this world in the 21st century. You will be in peace with yourself and all your surroundings.

    Read the bani to your mind and let it come to sit still rather then running around like a mad elephant.

  2. It it a good thing that you’ll do that missionari work, in fact whrn I lived in Malaysia many family asked me to teach them the Sikh religion. They all go to Gurdwara but did not understand what the Guru was saying.
    Be all blest.

  3. Gurdev Kaur says:

    Sarbjit Singh.. your comments dont make any sense. I hope YOU understand what you’re trying to say.. cos i dont think anyone else out there does.

  4. Sarbjit Singh says:

    Dear Gurdev Kaur

    A similar course was done in 2007 in Singapore. i was describing that experience. i was surprised and shocked the benefits of Japji Sahib was decribed from the vibrations and sounds perspective. It did not make sense at all.

    The speaker said Guru Nanak understood all the these sounds and vibrations that occur when reading Japji Sahib. Hence Guru Nanak has written the Japji Sahib in that way. It is totally wrong if it is described this way.

    A bani from my experience and opinion is about reading the content and getting the mind to understand and acknowledge the words in the bani. and to understand that, one needs to understand Guru Nanak’s philosophy. That is how Japji Sahib is truly understood.

    Guru Nanak’s philosopy is not about getting us to vibrate our sensory components when we are reading Japji Sahib. It is not about the third eye or chakras.

    Sikhism is a real world practical guide to living a happy, steady and high spirited life.

    Japji Sahib is not understood by meditating and chanting and singing. Of course these activities make our sense feel good but the mind is never settled still after all this chanting and singing and meditation.


  5. Dear Sarbjit Singh,

    When the Siri Singh Sahib was teaching me about Gurbani and Japji Sahib, he told me that Guru Nanak was a master of Naad. Gurbani works on both levels. it does work on the level of sound, chanting, vibration – and it’s important to understand what power there is in sound. In the Ek Ong Kaar – the Ong – the Sound – is the link between the One and the Creation. So there is an entire world to understand in the Sound of Gurbani and what it creates.

    Gurbani also works on the level of meaning. Veechar. We have to dialogue with it, Understand it in our minds. Wrestle with it so our thoughts can come under the umbrella of how the Guru sees things.

    Both of these aspects are part of the beautiful spiritual power of Gurbani. In these courses, I do my best to approach Japji Sahib from both of these perspectives. What the meaning is. And also – how to understand and experience the Naad of it.

    Some people do not need to or want to relate to the Naad – and that is fine. For any of you who are strictly interested in the meaning of Gurbani and not the Naad of it, then these courses are probably something that you would not enjoy.

    Thank you for sharing your experience of the course.

    With Divine Light,

    Ek Ong Kaar Kaur


  6. sarbjit singh says:

    Paan Ji Gurdev,

    I had posted another comment to clarify what i was saying but it was not allowed by the moderator.

    I will respond to Ek Ong Kaar Kaur’s name later as i need time to compose the response be as polite and none offensive, but merely to voice my opinion.

  7. sarbjit singh says:


    Our Guru, especially Guru Nanak has emphasized many times there is no need to chant, meditate in silence or by special breathing (fast or slow) or by being in a physical position.

    Many times in the SGGS Guru Nanak has said the words in the SGGS is the essence and the core of Sikhism.

    I sure Sri Singh (Yogi Harbajan for others), decided the fastest way to get the westerners to join read Japji sahib was thru this benefits from sounds and vibration. So he may have said, “i know you don’t understand at this point but read it anyway, it has the sound and vibration benefits”.

    Nowhere in any high academic places in India where SGGS and Sikhism is being lectured, the Naad is said. There is a very highly respected scholar in Singapore from India and we think this is a wrong directions to take the Sikhs based on what our Gurus have said.

    Why are we going back 5000 years (the idea of Naad, sounds and vibrations) whereas Guru Nanak was trying to bring us forward with his teachings and philosophy. Guru Nanak has put a lot of effort in making us move away from this Hindu way of thiking.

    In Singapore, there is a teacher of Kundalini Yoga who teaches how to say “Satnam Waheguru” 4 times in a breath and then 8, 16, even up to 120 times in a breath. From our Guru’s teaching, this is completely wrong. I have read many times Guru Nanak said all this activities are useless to mind and soul.

    All this breathing exercises are not going to benefits you if your mind does not understand what Satnam Waheguru means and how it has to be practiced in our daily life. I said the mind needs to understand and not just the person knowing it’s meaning.

    My dear Sikh friends, brothers and sister. Please read the SGGS and truly see what our Guru wants us to do. Really.

    Sarbjit Singh

    • Sarabjit Singh, Naad and recitation of Bani is core to the Sikh lifestyle. The recitation of the banis creates a vibration that puts you in a certain state. We don’t just read the banis silently, we recite them out loud. The power of Gurbani recitation out loud is very powerful.

      Ultimately we all have our own experience and understanding. I personally have benefited greatly from a daily practice of Yoga and meditation along with banis. It is easy to judge something without a full experience or understanding of it. I would rather not spend my energy trying to defend or argue on these topics. You either experience it or not. They are just tools which you can choose to use or not.

      Ek Ong Kaar Kaur is a very special person and she is going out of her way to serve and help uplift others as best she can. We should support all those that do things like this rather then find some disagreement. My moto is that “if you don’t have something good to say, better not say it”. There is more than enough negativity and disagreements. What we need is to find commonality and support each other.

  8. sarbjit singh says:

    Dear Gurumusak Singh,

    i don’t know where you got the idea that Naad is one of the Sikh way of life. Sri Singh Sahib (or Yogi Bhajan – should be Bhai Bhajan) is not the authority of Guru Nanak’s expertise. . Like i have said, it does not exist in the daily lifes for hundreds of thousands of Sikhs in India and other parts of the world. It is never tought in Sri Guru Granth Sahib studies in Universities in India, even the top ones.

    It is those inpractical activites that Guru Nanak has asked us Sikhs not to follow. Those activites which says the mind can be brought in control with physical activities (vibration).

    I really do agree with you that the bani must be read out loud: read out loud to the mind that is. What happens when the reading of Gurbani stops? The vibrations stop too and we out of the “nice” state?

    Take for example when you are in love with someone. the person is always on our mind, no matter what we are doing. We maybe doing our work, cycling, taking a shower, but the mind longs for the person we love. That is how it is suppose to be with God. The mind has been put to a still state becuase of the mind finally got it what was being written in the Gurbani.

    I am not saying nobody should do yoga and feel the vibrations. i am happy you benefited. i got nothing against yoga and such activites. but it is not a Sikh way of life. and please don’t go teaching this the next generation of Sikhs that it is.

    For your ““if you don’t have something good to say, better not say it”, —> my motto is “if something is worth doing, it is worth over doing”. i just felt like saying something to that.

    Ek Ong Kaar Kaur (i still can’t get over this names) is doing a great thing and is genuninely doing it for the love of Gurbani, but i won’t be excited when the wrong message is being sent to the Sikh community.

    No other Sikh community talks about Naad and it’s association to Sikhism and Guru Nanak, except the western Sikhs. No book i have read written by so many Sikh scholars which talks about Naad and it’s association with Guru Nanak. Please read the “Nanakian Philosophy” by Devinder Singh Chahal and you will how Guru was vey practical.

    Personally i think Kundalini Yoga teaching of combining Sikhism with Yoga is violating the sovereignty of Sikhism as the most practical and modern religion known to man-kind.

    Finally, do you really think those breathing exercises, chanting Waheguru and Satnam a thousand time while sitting in complex positions and concentrating on breathing is a Sikh way of life? It so impractical to gain peace to the mind, especially when our Guru has documented 1430 pages of the ” true guide”.

    i believe in speaking up when injustice is being done. i am pious mostly but will rise to the occasion when the Sovereignty of my religion and my Sikh state is being affected.

    Waheguru Ji Ka Khalsa, Waheguru Ji Ki Fateh.
    Sarbjit Singh

    • Again, this is YOUR opinion, but that does not make you correct.

      It’s sad to see that you think that these teachings which have uplifted and inspired thousands upon thousands to live a better more spiritual life could be looked at as injustice by you. I doubt that the rise of Sikhi in the west and all over the world as a result is hardly an accident, and is definitely the work of the Guru.

      One can intellectually debate this topic forever and never understand the value of all this without having experienced. The Guru’s teachings are not about rules and regulations or about quotes and justifications. It’s about LIVING the lifestyle and experience. The down of Sikhi these days is the result of ritualistic practice and lack of experience.

      You have a right to your own experience and opinion but this is my personal blog and not a place for you to debate and put down the things that I hold dearly.

  9. sarbjit singh says:

    before finding commonality and support for each other, the truth must prevail.

  10. sarbjit singh says:

    The Guru’s teachings are not about rules and regulations or about quotes and justifications —-> that is true. I never said it was rules and regulations. It it practical and that is what i love about Sikhism. No rituals, no BS about idols and gods and physical torture to reach God and no superstitous. it is about living life, being in it, with both feet.

    Sitting in poses (look at the picture of Sundar Singh above, with a gold medilion and the position and hands in a position of Hindu gods) and chanting is surely a ritual to. Yes, my opinon it surely is. Guru Nanak specifically said, don’t close your eyes and meditate and look for God. God is every where I see, in all His creation.

    Sikhs have taken to worshiping the SGGS rather then reading it. Somes have found short cuts to being one with Him by chants and vibration of the body.

    Sure seems like a ritual to me, rather than going out there making an honest living, sharing with others and contemplating on His Name.

    Yes, yes, it is your blog. But is it very public. Please turn off the comments if you don’t like to be commented. This is what freedom is all about, on the internet.

    I am ready for a peaceful demonstration when Boleh Soneh Hal Singh and Ek Ong Kar Kaur comes to my city to teach about Naad. Wish i could go to Malaysia when she is around but i have to be Vegas for a conference.

  11. Inderjit Singh says:

    Khalsa Ji,

    Lets Cool down. Take a step back. Lets realize we are sons and daughters of a great father.

    “These blogs are not Gurbani, and we are not above Guru”.

    Lets get up for next one week, 3am in the morning, read or listen Asa-di-vaar, and wage a war against the darkness and superstition in our minds. Lets all do ardas, and ask for enlightenment. Lets fall in love with gurbani.

    Not my opinion, lets see what Sri GGS is saying, then we can decide for ourselves..


    Bani guru guru hae bani, vich banee amrit saare,
    gurbani kahe sewak jan maane, partakh guru nistare.

    Sikhi sikhya gur vichaar, Nadri karam langhaye par.

    Sikhi is being a dedicated student of Guru’s thought, and through true Guru’s grace, our Karam(actual action) will start getting better, thus carrying us through world ocean.
    Sound or raag is a throne on which Guru sits, its not Guru. Guru is Shabad. All SGGS is written to be sung in raagas, which makes gurbani sound melodies, easy to assimilate and follow. Its the psycho-physical effects of vibration.

    But Guru is Shabad, not music or Vibe. Vibe is nice, wonderful,

    vismad naad vismad vayd..

    and sweet and it will cure a lot of things and make you happy. But the cleaning of mind and filth on the soul, will happen with shabad Guru.

    SSS Yogi Ji, he taught shabad guru. Please go to this link and listen this great sikh of the Guru, and then ask yourself, are we doing what Guru wants.


    Its the same shabad guru thats makes you want to do exercises etc to keep your body healthy, holy, drugfree and Guru’s steel kirpan runs through it 24/7.

    If we do a sehaj paath, we will see so many thousands of times Guru has emphasized that the only way to purify one’s mind and actions is sadhna, Naam. Sat naam sri waheguru. Remberance of it, singing it, practicing it, serving other, carry compassion.

    SGGS- 1106:
    raam simar pachhutaahigaa man.
    paapee jee-araa lobh karat hai aaj kaal uth jaahigaa. ||1|| rahaa-o.

    simran bhajan da-i-aa nahee keenee ta-o mukh chotaa khaahigaa. ||2||

    Lets be true to ourselves and the True Guru.
    Are we really loving the Guru, or just debating and bragging about a bit of gratification we got from either understanding the Guru, or chanting or exercising etc.. All those things are nice for any healthy human, body and mind.

    But true love for Guru remains true love even if each limb is cut down, or the skull gets beheaded.

    Punjabi sikh or western sikh. Khalsa Ji, sikhi is not a property of punjab, or anyone else for that matter, its a property of anyone who can love the Guru and follow him. Lets not make it a nationality debate and insult or Guru..

    I am sorry khalsa ji, but we are making a mockery of Guru on this blog.


    No human, however loving, knowledgeable, popular, powerful, beautiful, charming, agile, or generous can match my true Guru. We must not take sides with anyone(includes people, ideas, knowledge, wealth……… list goes on), but only TRUE GURU.

    Please wake up khalsa ji, and lets not become a laughing stock. Lets loose our EGO, its hurting us. Its keeping us on a sugar high, disconnected from Guru.
    Lets start cleaning.

    Waheguru ji ka khalsa,
    waheguru ji ki fateh.

  12. sarbjit singh says:

    Thanks for your reply,

    Sikhism is practical No.1 If you had 4 kids, worked two jobs and slept at 12am, very tired, you think you could get or should get up at 4am to listen / read to Shabad?. Can i do it at 8am instead?. Of course. Our Gurus are not impractical to that level we have to make it a ritual for this morning path. The person who is working long hours needs ample rest to preserve his health as long as possible so he/she could support the kids. Can i read a few pages of Japji and continue the rest rest a few hours later. This is in the mid-afternoon? Of course. Not many people know this. Until today people still think Japji is only for the mornings. It is a bani. It can read anytime, any where.

    No human, however loving, knowledgeable, popular, powerful, beautiful, charming, agile, or generous can match my true Guru. We must not take sides with anyone(includes people, ideas, knowledge, wealth……… list goes on), but only TRUE GURU. ——> Note how different people translate the SGGS in different ways. What you have said above it not the same as another scholar. So which one do i read if i did not know how to read Gurmukhi? Even if i knew, i would have translated it differently. Interesting isn’t it how the true meaning is missing.

    So i guess the value of the true Guru is lost? Since there are many translations? This is the same as bhai Bhajan (i will stop calling him Sri Singh Sahib or yogi, as we are all, no matter how low and high in out lifes and thinking are, at the end of the day we are bhai’s – brothers)

    I will reply shortly, as i am midst of presenting at a conference.

    Waheguru Ji Ka Khalsa, Waheguru Ji Ki Fateh
    Sarbjit Singh

  13. Inderjit Singh says:

    You are a Hero Sarabjit Singh, for raising a family with 4 kids. May Guru bless your family. Please keep doing all the good work. Chardi kala ji.

    Like I humbly asked, lets calm down.. there is no need to get all wound up, and attack everything.

    You are right, we can read Banee whenever, wherever. My mother reads nitnem all day. Lets all read it, sing it, understand it, and enjoy it, and just do ardaas, submit to the Guru, and ask for Guru’s mehar. When khalsa does ardaas even guru cant say no to it.

    Guru Gobind singh ji says:
    Khalsa mero roop hai khaas,
    khalse mein ho karo niwaas,
    Khalsa mera satgur poora,

    Everyone has been assigned a duty by akal-purakh and everyone is doing it with the capabilities bestowed by Guru. We must do ardas, ask for forgiveness for mistakes and ability to perform better over time.

    Only intellectualism and no Love creates atheism and a rude individual.
    Sikhi asks for love, and forgiveness, and ardaas for the sarbat da bhala.

    Jin Prem kiyo tin hi prabh payo.

    Waheguru ji ka khalsa, waheguru ji ki fateh.

  14. sarbjit singh says:

    My name is spelled Sarbjit and not Sarabjit. Raising for 4 kids is not a HERO’s job. It is gift from God and i am given the responsibility to raise them. And when i used the example of the 4 kids i was not referring to myself.

    Why the sentivity with this issue. I am just surprised and amused.
    Am suppose to just accept what ever other Sikh communities are doing? Can i not speak up? Can i not raise questions and comments?

    This blog’s goal :One of my goals with this website is to build bridges of understanding between the different Sikh communities. So don’t you think there is suppose to be differences in the communities?

    • Building bridges is about finding commonality not finding differences. When building bridges of understanding one has to have an open mind to learn and understand others. If you already have a pre-set opinion an are not willing to the possibility of something different then no bridges can be built.

  15. Sarbjit Singh Ji,
    You are giving your opinion and your limited (we are all somehow limited) interpretation of Gurbani and you’re willing to protest others understanding and teachings of Gurbani. That doesn’t show any openness to me. That shows somebody stuck in the thought that they are “right.” Gurbani says that none are good and none are bad.
    Also if you read the Siri Guru Granth Sahib you will find the concepts of: yoga, asana, pranayam, chakras, kundalini, ida, pingula, sukhmana, naad, anahad, raag. You have absolutely zero experience with naad, yoga, asana, or pranayam, as can be discerned from your above condemnation of these. Therefore you have NO authority to refute the effects of naad, yoga, asana, or breath control (pranayam). And considering any Sikh with access to the Siri Guru Granth Sahib can read about these, proves that you have not read enough of the Siri Guru Granth Sahib to know how central these concepts are in Gurbani. So before you protest those who know something you don’t understand, try to understand it first. Additionally intellectual understanding won’t come for somebody unwilling to experience these concepts. These concepts are far beyond academic discussion. These are the concepts you will find discussed by saints and those on the path of saints, not by intellectuals.
    Those who truly understand the role of yoga within the path of Sikh Dharma and are willing to open their minds will find HUNDREDS of references to the above mentioned concepts inside the Siri Guru Granth Sahib. I found this out doing a sehaj paath in Gurmukhi.

  16. sarbjit singh says:

    but you are bound to find differences as well for sure.
    Also if i am bringing up an issues, must be i don’t understand the issue very well and there could be even the faint possibility that yourself and your community don’t understand it eithers.

    This sound like one sided. You and your community are all correct and no mistakes and misuderstanding. On the other side, i need to be open minded and accepting and not to have a pre-set opinion.

    With you sticking to you story about what this discussion is all about, it surely shows how you have a pre-set opinion as well.

    Sarbjit Singh

  17. sarbjit singh says:

    I just wrote about how Inderjit Singh had a different translation of the SGGS and how another scholar had another. Again here is another example of how you and your community had translated this differently. Everyone is doing it for a good cause of slowly drifting away from the real thing.

    Yes, i am surely limited but i know some fundamentals, thanks to His blessings. I attend understanding Gurbani from the philosopy concept of Guru Nanak, every week day and weekends. I am not sitting around making comments on the web or being a PITA for you and your community.

    i can clearly see the difference between what Guru Nanak’s philosopy and what is being translated.

    To some extent i truly want to find out how did this thinking come in your community.

    Prabhu Singh, in the same way you have translated asana, pranayam, chakras, kundalini, ida, pingula, sukhmana, naad, anahad, raag within SGGS.

    An example is the term pingula, which directly translated means lame. In the content of SGGS this i used to describe a person who ic handicapped, because when one does not believe in God and follows the teachings of the Guru. In other times it is used to describe the idea to “lame” the mind, instead of having it “run around” bringing nothing but trouble to the person. The mind can be brought to “lame” when the mind understands the Guru’s Shabad.

    Raag as you know is the musical measure used as part of indexing the SGGS. The way the SGGS is indexed is just awesome and advance compared to it was done hundreds of years ago. Anyway. that is another discussion / comments.

    Now how did you convince yourself the SGGS is using this terms because the believe and acceptance of yoga, breathing exercises in the daily lifes of the SIkhs?

    Also as you can see, Bhai Bhajan was in NO authority to say Guru Nanak was expert in Naad and Japji is based on that. No way he is in the authority to called himself Yogi. Even Baba Budha never call himself saint or yogi. Humbleness is a virtue.

    Let me drill down and explain the other terms you have put in your comment earlier. i will do this a bit later. Today i am going to be busy installed HP Blade machines and SAD storage. i think it is going to be interesting :)

  18. Inderjit Singh says:

    Sarbjit Singh,


    I am not a scholar, I am not even worthy of being your feet’s dirt. I apologize if i made a translation mistake. I dont recall that I translated anything at all. Please re-read my first post. You can derive the message of an appeal to be calm and respectful. I simply wrote a couple of lines from the Guru, never translated. I was hoping it will change your tone.

    Now lets be respectful in our expression. Even if you do have something to share, please do so respectfully and nicely. One of the biggest problem with all religeous communities of this world is fanatics. Our knowledge becomes enemy when it starts causing anger and pride.. lets be aware. Man starts looking down on others as soon as he starts “kind of knowing” something that he didnt know, even though he got it from the Guru. He starts preaching, insulting and hating others.. instead of learning(sikh) more.. At that point one may be philosophically right or wrong.. doesnt matter.

    Something to ponder:
    Japji Sahib:
    sehas syanhpa lakh hoye, ta ik na challe naal.

    Asa di war:
    moorkhe naal na lujhiye..

    Now, I am not taking anyone’s sides here.. but just the tone of conversation is not of a Gurmukh vichaar..

    This is my last post on this blog. If you have any other concerns feel free to contact me at 602 451 4449, or [email protected] instead of spilling hate for everyone else over here.

    Waheguru Ji ka khalsa,
    Waheguru Ji Ki Fateh.

  19. Abhi Singh says:

    Sarbjit Singh ji,

    I am a Punjabi sikh, Why do you want to argue? If somebody is finding peace within himself by doing certain things, why would you want to discourage it. Who are you to judge here? It’s like orthodox taliban asking people to do things a certain way . Sikhi is not about that. It’s about the experience. Let God or Rabji judge them. Believe me there are worst things happening within the sikh community than the things you are arguing about here. Bottom line is, my brothers and sisters from the west have helped me a lot to connect back to my sikh roots. The dedication they have shown to Sikhi is inspirational. So what if they recite Japji saab a certain way, how many sikhs even know Japji Saab in Punjab, believe me, there are not many. So take a chill pill, that’s the Sikhi way, we don’t bother others, but work on ourselves for our salvation. We are all going to pay for our deeds when we are in HIS court not anybody else. I apologise if I have sounded rude or insultive.


    Abhi Singh

  20. sarbjit singh says:

    It’s strange to read Prabhu Singh Khalsa’s words, ‘Also if you read the Siri Guru Granth
    Sahib you will find the concepts of: yoga, asana, pranayam, chakras, kundalini, ida,
    pingula, sukhmana, naad, anahad, raag.’

    Does this means whatever is found mentioned in SGGS, is to be followed as Sikh concepts.

    In SGGS the names of various activities that Guru Ji have rejected are also mentioned.
    The names of Hindu gods and goddesses are mentioned many times.
    Kam, krodh, Lobh, Moh, Hankar etc. are mentioned.

    Are these all mentioned for practice or NOT to practise. The mention of yoga, asana, pranayam, chakras, kundalini, ida, pingula, sukhmana, naad, anahad, raag etc. are found when Guru Ji explains the rituals that the so-called ascetics were doing. But the Gurus have rejected all such activities. Just to mention one:

    Here are some content from SGGS

    nivulee kurum aasun chouraaseeh ein mehi saath n aavai jeeo
    They perform the inner cleansing practice with water and adopt the eighty-four Yogic postures; but still, they find no peace in any of these. (Page 98)

    aasun puvun dhoor kar buvurae
    Abandon your Yogic postures and breath control exercises, O madman.
    Renounce fraud and deception, and contemplate on the Lord, O madman. Page 856

  21. sarbjit singh says:

    Waheguru jee ka Khalsa Waheguru jee kee Fateh

    When we read various messages on Internet Forums, it seems that Sikh Religion
    is being considered as tailor-made, as deemed suitable to each individual. Hence,
    I have stopped to argue with anyone because it is very difficult to convince any
    clever / cunning persons especially those, who claim themselves as Sikhs !

    When we pick up one line, then message is never clear until we read, grasp,
    understand the entire Shabd together with gist explained in Rahao/Pause.

    If someone is really interested to learn then let him/her take up one complete
    Shabd and if any doubt, then other mates could share their views. Let us not
    depend on the socalled sant-babas and yogis, who only know how to live on the honest
    earnings of the householders?


    On behalf of Gurmit Singh (Australia), an enlightened Sikh.

    • I am closing comments on this blog post. Nothing productive is coming out of the discussion. There are already too many of these un-ending discussions that have taken place on the internet so if interested you can search in the forums and see the discussion.

      This blog is a place for open, positive dialog and for those who truly wish to find commonality in their fellow brothers and sisters. If you can’t discuss or post comments without criticizing and judging others then you should go elsewhere as they will not be approved.

      Remember the other person is you…and you are the other person.