Get Some Yogamint

Get Some Yogamint

Today I thought I would share with you a new website ( started by one auntie ji of mine, which is geared towards everyone! I love how they keep it light and full of humor. I think this is a great way to share information and make it fun (Like the new email service we just signed up for called MailChimp).

"Timeless wisdom served up in easily digestible portions, designed to freshen your day and enrich your life."

We all have to comb our hair, brush our teeth, fix breakfast and get out the door every morning. Unless you live in a cave in the Himalayas you’ll be interacting with family, friends and a host of others every single day for up to 100 years. Why not have a little help navigating these waters? We’re sure that by implementing the short morsels of information provided in our "mints" you will eat, move, think and elevate yourself to a more enriching life. What we offer is not theoretical. It’s experiential. We’ve done it.

If you sign up for their free email list, twice a week you’ll get a new "yogamint" of some piece of information to help you serve and better yourself.

So leave the Pudin hara, and hajmola and freshen up your day with a bit of all natural, organic, Yogamint!

2 Responses to “Get Some Yogamint”

  1. Hari Bhajan says:

    Thanks Gurumustuk. It’s all about elevating our consciousness and giving back to the ones who showed us the way.
    Peace, love, light,
    Your Auntie

  2. Ashveer says:

    It seems like there is a yogieverything these days.