Amrit Vela

Amrit Vela

How sweet it is!




It’s five am…
The birds are so happy now!
The world belongs to them at five am.

Sunday morning…
Everyone’s asleep.
Curled in their beds,
Like children.
Some are lost in their neurotic dreams
Waiting for the Light.

Some have simply let go…
And lie sleeping peacefully.
Waiting to wake up.
Their souls are drinking deeply
From the ocean of Light and Peace,
While they lie in their beds unaware.

This is the time of God.
This is the time of knowledge.
This is the time of bliss.
My favorite part of the day.
Sadhana time.

This is the time when we save the world.

Now, 1% are awake and 99% lie sleeping.

We’ve changed the destiny of this planet in only 20 years.
Can you imagine what it will be like when everyone wakes up?

This earth is turning…
The wave of morning light washes across the globe…

It’s always five am somewhere.


9 Responses to “Amrit Vela”

  1. Sujan S. says:

    …It’s always five am somewhere…. AMAZING!

  2. Amrita Kaur says:

    did guruka singh ji write this? thats so nice !

  3. Sujan S. says:

    …I had to do it…. :-) There is an italian version on :-)

    Thank you again!!!

  4. Guruka Singh says:

    Amrita Kaur Ji – Yes, I wrote this poem. I have lots of other previously unpublished ones sitting on my hard drive. I’ll be posting here from time to time. I’m glad you like it :-)


  5. It’s always five am somewhere. … God… !!! Amazing !!!

    It seems this line has hit me at the crux.

  6. Parneet Kaur says:

    i go to this website since 2005 and found miri piri academy through it and now our daughter is studing there .this is her second year but i never posted any coments its great reading lot of valuable things hear .Guruka singh ji its very touching when it comes from realty . Thankyou so much for being our teacher .

  7. gursimran kaur says:

    hi i dn know u personally but ur poem attracts me to read it out well said i really appreciate

  8. spsjaggi says:

    guruka singh ji,
    waheguru ji ka khalsa waheguru ji fathe,I am very happy to read your views on Amrit wela,Ihave been looking for bliss,you have rightly explained the right time to enjoy the bliss.

  9. manpreet singh says:

    waheguru ji ka khalsa waheguruji ki fateh,

    Guruka Singh Ji,
    Can you please forward me the link of video on [email protected]