Gurbani Media Center Seva Opportunity

Gurbani Media Center Seva Opportunity

I’m excited about the New SikhNet Gurbani Media center which is getting very close to being done (still in development). Next steps will be testing and adding Gurbani to the new website. Unlike Gurbani which you normally find online, all the audio will be organized in a way that is very visual and user friendly. However, this mean that there is a lot more work required for adding Gurbani to the system.

I’m looking for committed individuals who would like to do seva for this project to add and organize Gurbani content. Without going into much detail here is an overview of the types of things that we need help with.

  • Each shabad needs to be searched for to using a fast SikhiTotheMax style search to pull in the Gurbani text and other information (Gurbani text, ang, raag, writer, etc).
  • Add content to musician profiles – pictures, bio text, links, tags describing their musical style. (Will require searching around to find pictures and information to use)
  • Upload Gurbani MP3 files to the Server (from your own collection, from other websites, or from SikhNet mp3)
  • Tagging – All the audio needs to be tagged according to the style and attributes so that users can view Gurbani in many ways (will give list of tags)
  • Website Testing and Bug Reporting

Initially we are looking to populate the Gurbani Media Center with a good mix of audio content (katha, gurbani, etc) and would eventually be looking for regular volunteers to help maintain and moderate the website (since users will be able to upload gurbani, we need to maintain things to ensure things stay organized and have all information).

Initially (in order to launch the new service) we are looking for someone that can help with this full time for at least 2-4 weeks. We are willing to pay for this help if you have the required skills. If you know someone who might be able to do this please let us know.


  • Internet Computer savvy user
  • Able to resize images in graphics program
  • Is able to do SikhiToTheMax Gurbani style searches to find Gurbani Shabads for a particular audio.
  • Is familiar with Gurbani Kirtan musicians and the different styles of Kirtan
  • Good at google searching which is needed to find biography information and photos to post in Musician profiles.
  • Has broadband internet connection for downloading and uploading many MP3 files
  • Familiar with MP3 files and ID3 tags for audio files. 
  • Has time on a regular basis to help with the project and can commit to helping for a certain time frame.
  • Reliable and responsible individual.

If you would like to help with this seva in the next week or so, please fill out this survey to tell us more about yourself. If you are able to work full time on the project right away please note that in the survey. 

3 Responses to “Gurbani Media Center Seva Opportunity”

  1. Jagjeet Singh Parwanda says:

    Provision of simran and exchange of Gurmat Vichar will be appreciated.

  2. Sukhpaal Singh says:


    Is there any other type of seva that would I could do for the new Gurbani Media Center? Or for Sikhnet?

  3. Mandeep Singh Khalsa says:

    if u have any type of seva related to gurbani media center ,
    plz contact me …