The Dharma is Self-Pruning

The Dharma is Self-Pruning

Look into a candle flame and see the fact of life that light and darkness always occur together. A new age is dawning and it has nothing to do with the games of power, control and ego. When we polarize ourselves with others and buy into their opposition we, in fact, help that to flourish.

On the contrary, it is time for each of us to truly find the depth of our Dharma within our own hearts, to deeply live it, to own it at all levels – and to profoundly and joyously share that beautiful, pure and living vibration with each other. It is time for us all to live by the direction of our own Souls, knowing that each one is given their own unique piece of this great living organism, this living Unity that we call the Sikh Dharm and the universal community of Khalsa.

And we each must simply serve, serve, serve and serve this deeply satisfying and uplifting community of heart and Soul together! That is what we are here to do as pioneers of this new time.

As we live, love and serve, purely and completely from our hearts and our Souls, we share an Infinite life among us that seemed only like a daydream in the time that is ending now.

This is who we are! We are Siblings of Destiny! So please, let’s open our minds and hearts for something entirely new to be created, and let us experience it!

Some say that Sikhism is outdated in the modern world. The fact is, all ‘-isms’ are outdated in the modern world.  The age of religion is ending now. Those who are able to move forwards will do so, those who are mired in old games and ways of thinking will have a very difficult time of it over the next few years.

Some say we have fallen away from true Sikhi. I say that NOW is the very time for which we have been born. The Guru is calling His Panth home to Him. It is time to lay down our heads and surrender to our destiny. We are the ones who will feed, clothe, heal and comfort those who are in pain and need. The world needs us, and we must rise to serve it.

The age of “I believe in _____” (fill in the blank) is pretty much over. It is time to know. True knowing comes from within your own breath and your own cells, it does not lie anywhere outside you.

The Shabd Guru lies within you. It is an experience, not a belief or philosophy.

And as we more and more fully realize that in building the palpable vibration of our kindness, our joined inspiration and our Unity, rather than judging and fighting, we lightly sidestep control by the old institutions that do not serve the great joined Heart and Soul of humanity at large.  And because the times are changing so rapidly, those who are invested in their egos and their power trips naturally diminish because they can find no place… no “hook” to which they can attach in this new time.

The Dharma is self-pruning. There is no need to hack the branches off the dying tree. They will fall off naturally. It’s time to busy ourselves with planting the new garden. Let us shine our light and not lend our precious energy to focusing on the darkness, even though we are alert and we see that it is there.

Humbly…..Guruka Singh (and thank you to Siri Gian Kaur)

“Naa ko maeraa dhusumun rehiaa naa hum kis kae bairaaee
subh ko meeth hum aapun keenaa hum subhunaa kae saajun”

No one is my enemy, and I am no one’s enemy
I am a friend to all.  I am everyone’s friend.

6 Responses to “The Dharma is Self-Pruning”

  1. Satkirin says:

    That was the most beautiful, articulate, and meaningful post that I’ve read in a very long time. Thank you for sharing this. The purity and essence of the Espanola Sangat lives on through these words.

  2. Avneet says:

    With each passing day I try to “improve” myself by becoming a better follower of the Guru’s shabads…and articles like this inspire me even more to follow that path. I just hope that I continue to gain a little wisdom each day and discover myself more. In fact, I hope everyone continues to learn something each day (because we, as humans, can never stop learning).

    I feel like I have to go a long way yet in order to become the true daughter of our Gurus, but I would not give up. =)
    Thanks for the wonderful post.

  3. Sat Kartar Kaur says:

    Thank you for this great uplifting post. You express beautifully what I feel in my soul.
    Many blessings to you.

  4. Parampreet Kaur says:

    Many blessings to you. Thankyou for this.

  5. guru sangat Kaur says:

    paka! thank you for sharing your wisdom during difficult times of redesigning our roles and identities. Love you. Blessings.

  6. Baldeep Singh Dhariwal says:

    Just as I thought, we are the future, not the past. Our time has come!