Check Out SikhNet’s Best Kept Secret!

Check Out SikhNet’s Best Kept Secret!

One of the main goals of SikhNet is to provide inspiration and resources for our children. Did you know that SikhNet not only has the largest collection of Gurbani audio online, but we also have the largest online collection of audio Sikh Stories for Children? And we’re adding a new story just about every week!

Patterns of identity and self-esteem are formed early in life and it is of paramount importance that our children have the tools and resources they need in order to become more spiritual and successful individuals; able to cope with life in these modern times whilst being strong in their identity as a Sikh.

Many of us who are parents know the challenge of educating our children about Sikhi, which can be hard in these busy times where it is common for both parents to work all day away from the kids. Many parents have less and less time to spend with their children (particularly to teach them about Sikhi). Feeling this need, SikhNet started creating new ways for these young ones to get inspired about Sikhi through exciting stories.

Told by master storytellers with fun voice acting, music and sound effects, these stories tell tales of faith, courage, love, values and life lessons filled with the spirit of Sikhi. We hope that you and your children will have fun listening to these stories together and talking about them afterwards.

The stories are easy to listen to on your computer, or you can easily download them to an iPod or other audio player. They will quickly become your childrens favorite bedtime stories!

Come over now and explore our collection of more than 50 great free children’s stories

Not comfortable with listening online? No problem; soon the entire selection will be available on a set of four audio CD’s along with a special coloring book. What a great birthday gift for any child!

3 Responses to “Check Out SikhNet’s Best Kept Secret!”

    colouring book??
    no no please don’t make a comic out of sikh saakhi’s, i am not worried about the identity thing but kids are kids you see they would have that impression that we would present them,

    sikh history sikh Saakhis(stories) don’t need illustrations, the story in itself creates a picure on a kid’s mind, and that picure is far more stronger than the one that kids would take as some superhero.

    i personally remember as a kid going to sikh ajaib ghar and looking at the paintings and wondering with awe, those memories are still embedded in my mind and can’t be taken away, those are memories of a proud sikh,
    i would recommend sikh ajaib hars for sikh Gurudwaras where kids can come and see their LAASAANI (nuli secondous/ second to none/none contemporary) itihaas.

    yeah audio stories is a great venture


    • We all have our experiences and opinions. I remember being a kid and loving coloring and learning about the Gurus. I grew up on audio stories similar to these and reading the old amar chitra katha comics from India. I loved them. The dialog in the comics was pretty bad and the artwork not that great, but it was kid friendly. Kids need media in a form that they will enjoy and relate to. I have two kids of my own so know what it is like. So while some might not agree with having coloring pictures of the Gurus or stories, but myself and many do see the value in these.

      Ps. The coloring pages are the same images that you see in the kids audio stories section but as line art (black and white with lines only).

  2. cia Underwood says:

    Thanks I have been looking for more stories for my yoga classes.