Audio From Summer Solstice

Audio From Summer Solstice

I’ve been away on vacation for a while with my family and finally had some time to go through a lot of the audio from Summer Solstice. There is always so much music and kirtan that happens during that week! I managed to record some of it and get some recordings from others that recorded as well. I went through and edited it and picked out some of the tracks that I enjoy.

You can listen to the selection below and download. In a few weeks I’ll be canceling my premium “soundcloud” account which I am using to display the tracks below, so if you read this weeks away and they are not showing, then you can go to the Audio/Video archive and browse and download.

Summer Solstice 2009 by mrsikhnet

11 Responses to “Audio From Summer Solstice”

  1. Fateh Singh says:

    Ah! So nice of you to gather these all. And downloadable too. Wahe Guru!

    -FS, NYC

  2. Thanks for this wonderful music !!

    blessings to all in Española.

    jiwan mukta singh from Uruguay

  3. Avneet says:

    loving the shabads! very peaceful =)

  4. karanvir Singh says:

    brother i don’ see ustaad ji here, what happened? can you please post up his kirtan? thanks

    • Ustaad Ji was there….but he didn’t want his audio to be posted up because of some issues with he had last time relating to his work.

      Ps. Look in the mrsikhnet audio video archive (linked at the top) for kirtan by him.

  5. bipuljeet singh says:

    waheguru ji ka khalsa-waheguru ji fateh

    eh jo geet-sangeet sab sikhi nu pyare kad ne guru ke sikh iinna nu pyar karde ne uunaa da bahut bahut teh dillo thanx

  6. bipuljeet singh says:

    chardikala is best-_______________________-waheguru!waheguru!waheguru!waheguru!waheguru!waheguru!

  7. Navjot Singh says:

    Wah wah waheguru,

    Peace, thats what i feel after hearing these

    Thanks a lot, may waheguru bless you.

  8. Guru ka kookar says:

    how can i download any of them. i tried but wont able to do them. Please help.. anyways they are awsm as always ….u sikhs in NM are creating new generation of sikhism …i hv no words …but it seems that guru shb di FULL kirpa h aapji hora te ..!!

  9. mrsikhnet says:

    "Guru ka kookar " , See the links the bottom of this page:… that link to the Gurbani Media Center for each year.

  10. Kaur says:

    Thank you for putting this audio link up Gurmustuck…may Guru continue blessing you with such Seva of being the link between the light and the source.