Basic Human Faculty – Listening

Basic Human Faculty – Listening

 One quality of a great human is listening attentively and authentically.  You act 60% wrong because you listen wrong.  You don’t have the capacity to listen.  The human body is the body of a listener.  You can shut your mouth, eyes, stop your legs and hands, but you cannot stop your ears.  Every hole in your body is under your control, but not your ears.  Why?

Because your basic faculty is to listen.  Because of not listening, you communicate inaccurately, bear inaccurately, react inaccurately.  When you start listening peacefully, you start living peacefully.  When you listen and digest what you have heard without reacting, that is the state of saintlihood.  Listening is the most important human faculty.  There are sand granules in your ear which move and through them you have your balance.  The basic faculty of the mind is listening.

When you read, you listen.  Your mind reads it and then your listening faculty listens to it.  And anything which you listen to will be understood by you, otherwise it is not understood.

Even in speaking, you speak to listen to your own words.  That is why some people love to talk.  They love to listen to their own sound.

From the book Ancient Art of Self Healing which is a collection of excerpts from lectures, notes and classes by SSS Harbhajan Singh Khalsa (Yogi Bhajan)   

4 Responses to “Basic Human Faculty – Listening”

  1. Amo says:

    what do deaf people do then?

    • Chol Majuec says:

      of course, deaf people have other receptors example, deaf people use visual receptors instead of auditory receptors, what matter in this point is the power of focus of mind on stimuli, good listening depends on how you focus your mind as the stimuli strike you, they use of body language as their communication depend on auditory receptor

  2. Mahan Deva Kaur says:

    Sat Namji,
    Good Question!
    My thought is that we listen with more than our ears!
    Sound is vibration & we communicate through vibration with all parts of our being, whether we are aware of it our not.
    If our hearing is impaired, the other areas must be more sensitive to different ways of receiving those vibrations.
    That is one reason developing & strengthing our sensory system through Kundalini Yoga is a most appreciated tool. Developing our intuitive awareness certainly is also most important.
    Our human bodies are so incredibly resilient & step up to compensate when needed. What Magnificent vehicles for our Souls!! Wahe Guru!
    Thank you dearest Yogiji for giving us the Gift of KY to realize our Blessed Birthright!
    Mahan Deva Kaur

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