Some Lifestyle Tips

Some Lifestyle Tips

When you "sleep" you are not rally sleeping.  If you take 8 hours of sleep, actually you sleep for half an hour.

The rest of the time you either dream, or you go into scupit, which is a particular state of consciousness reached during sleep.  Peaceful sleep that you call sleep, is "nap sleep."

Let us put it in a Western term.  If you can take a half hour nap, you can survive the rest of the time in absolute glory.  Nap.  Nap means switch off and switch on sleep.  The best time to nap is anytime, but the most wonderful time is when you have eaten food.  During the daytime, at what is called lunchtime you can nap for 10 to 15 minutes, If you can switch off, and you cannot switch back on, either your digestive system is wrong or your lower back is wrong.

Are you having trouble controlling your temper?  Do you want to be calm and cool and be self-contained?  Drink 10-12-16 glasses of water a day!  Keep a pitcher of water on your desk if you can.  Maintaining water balance is very important.  Be sure to drink a couple of glasses first thing in the morning to flush out the kidneys, and drink a Glass before bedtime so you won’t sleep dehydrated, which can cause bad dreams.

When some day you are totally depressed and negative, which is normal and it happens sometimes, do the following experiment.  Take a shower, rub yourself thoroughly with a soft towel, and then dress yourself from top to bottom in white.  From that negative state to that positive state will take normally about 15 minutes.  You will be a different person.  It is that physical, a gross physical action which can change your temperament, consciousness and energy.

From the book Ancient Art of Self Healing which is a collection of excerpts from lectures, notes and classes by SSS Harbhajan Singh Khalsa (Yogi Bhajan) 

10 Responses to “Some Lifestyle Tips”

  1. Khalsa Lakhvir Singh says:

    sound advice … very practical … :)


    hey there is need for an archives link in the sidebar
    there isn’t any other way except to click the archives tab above.. however it should be visible. hope you would consider it.


  3. Jaswinder Singh says:

    ->Does naps replace sleep?
    ->4-8 litter water a day ?

  4. Amrita Kaur says:

    oh i like the dressing in white one!!!

  5. Raminder Singh says:

    kya baat hai bhaji.vadia.too good.the concept of dressing in white is amazing.

  6. Balraj Singh says:

    Nice to way to keep ourself cool and calm and by carrying white we can ourself away from depression.nice………. very nice,,,,,,///

  7. Tracy says:

    Thank you for sharing your wisdom. I’m learning many things from this wonderful site!


  8. Jagjeet Singh Parwanda says:

    Well you are absolutely right, but our true Guru takes us to the super nap state. This happens very rare, but one can achieve the state by following the teachings, preaches and lessons of Guru Granth Sahib practically. It is easy to understand but very very difficult to practice. This is done by chanting the name of God all the time, associating the true congregation of devotee worshipers and most important contemplating Him in meditation.

    Every time when you are going to sleep, go on chanting the name ‘Waheguru’. A time will come when your body will go in sleep but you will be waking. Remember:


    Now this stage is your “NIJ GHAR’ ,where there are no thoughts. This is the most suitable state for Bhagti, from here your real Bhagti starts.

  9. Jaswinder Singh says:

    @Jagjeet Singh Parwanda , you are talking about tandra(sukh nidra) Its a more like roadblock , distraction rather than the way itself!

  10. Jagjeet Singh Parwanda says:

    I do not know whether there is road block or not, but this is the way for ‘SIMRAN’ round the clock (Aath Pehar), ordained by true Guru.