What is seen is not the Truth

What is seen is not the Truth

What is seen is not the Truth.

What is, cannot be said.

But trust does not come without seeing

Nor understanding without words.

The wise comprehend with knowledge

To the ignorant, it is but a wonder.

Some worship the formless God.

Some worship His various forms.

How is He beyond these attributes?

Only the knower knows.

That music cannot be written.

How then can the notes exist?

Says Kabir, awareness alone will overcome the illusion.

2 Responses to “What is seen is not the Truth”

  1. I love Kabir and his poetry. This is a great post.

  2. Jagjeet Singh Parwanda says:

    It is true that what is seen is not true, but that is for the purpose of making the people under stand not to indulge in worldliness luxuries and not to forget Him. The related Shabad is Mat Daekh Bhoola Beesarae teraa…….
    it is also true that we have got this human life with great fortune for which the deities also want to have. The reason is that they can reach the Such Khand only through this human incarnation, having ambrosial nectar from true Guru.