Living Consciously in Marriage

Living Consciously in Marriage

Here is the latest video in our recent series on marriage and relationships with the couples "panel": Guruka Singh & Guruka Kaur (Elder generation representing) and Arjan Kaur & Gurumustuk Singh (younger generation).  

In the video we talk about how you need to be aware and conscious of yourself, and that is actually the base of your relationship with anyone else.

The Guruka’s spoke very wisely. My wife Arjan also talked about some good stuff. It’s pretty awkward watching myself talk. Makes me pretty self conscious hearing me talk. I guess that is a good thing, because it gives me feedback as to how I talk, and becoming a more effective speaker.

I remember many years ago SSS Harbhajan Singh talking about taking a tape recorder and recording yourself they whole day. Then to play it back and listen. You’ll probably notice many things that you are not aware of. I’m learning. Aren’t we all?? I guess you are not a Sikh if you are not learning anymore.

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2 Responses to “Living Consciously in Marriage”

  1. singh says:

    I was reading a lecture by YB called ‘the self confirmation of grace’. In it, he said:

    “Question: You said today that a woman is a born judge of time and space. In
    the book, Man to Man, you said for a man not to talk to a woman about time
    and space. Would you explain please?
    Yogi Bhajan: Because woman is the judge, the moment a man talks about time
    and space to a woman, she’s going to judge him. The moment she judges him,
    she’s got to find the man’s difficulties. The moment a man plays with a woman
    about time and space, he is giving her a time to judge, and the moment she
    judges him, forget it, she’s like God. That is why I said don’t tell her about time
    and space. What is time? What is space? It doesn’t mean when I teach men, I
    forget about woman; and when I teach women, I forget about men. ”

    This does seem to be related to living consciously in marriage. Could you please explain what is time? and what does space mean? thank you.

  2. japna says:

    the videos on marriage are great … it would be great success if it’s in book form . amazing videos !