The Value of Your Hair

The Value of Your Hair

From the book Ancient Art of Self Healing which is a collection of excerpts from lectures, notes and classes by SSS Harbhajan Singh Khalsa (Yogi Bhajan)

Hair is the most potent, purest form of protein in the world.  The very root of the hair has the oil of the protein.  This oil is enough to support your brain through any activity.  One thing Nature knows is that in every part of your body you have to have hair, because they are the antennas for that area of the body.  Each cell in the body goes through certain changes, and who is to provide that change in the antennas?  Hair.

Hair is the pranic antenna.  It is energy, pure protein.  Take a bunch of cut hair and put it around a tree and see what happens to the tree.  It shoots up.


God is not just a mischief-monger to give a human the longest hair on the scalp.  Its purpose is to work on the brain.  The brain needs vitamin D, energy, phosphorus, and metals.  The number of units of vitamin D that these hairs provide immediately to the brain is unbelievable.


It is very positive for a woman to wear her hair tied on top of her head on the solar center in a rishi knot.  It is obligatory for the woman to wear her hair down at night, loose or in a braid.  Braiding the hair at night is one of the most wonderful ways to take care of your most powerful energy antennas.  For normal health of her eyes, menstruation cycle and long maintenance of her youth it is obligatory that she use a wooden comb, combing her hair back, forward, back, and so on.  This is for circulation of the scalp area.

Men tie a rishi knot almost where the soft point was when he was a child. A woman’s hair is supposed to be tied exactly at the solar centers.  Why? Well, she doesn’t have a beard and we never asked why.  Because of the waning and waxing of the moon, she has to protect her solar centers more powerfully than the male.

When a woman’s hair is loose, her identity to submit becomes a hundred times greater.  In old times it was a custom that when a woman went to her husband in intimacy, she let her hair down.  Unfortunately, now, during the day, everybody has their hair loose. Understand this action in the light of the downfall of sexual values.  The old Judaic and Islamic scriptures say that a "woman with loose hair and a mad dog have no difference whatsoever as far as integrity is concerned."

Men should also comb their hair with a wooden comb.  A wooden comb is one simple thing which does not create any charge or discharge of electromagnetic energy.  That’s why we use wood.  Wood is surely and definitely a bad conductor of heat and electricity. It is a very healthy thing for combing your hair.


The wooden comb is for whenever you feel low in energy.  Just comb your hair back and forth with a wooden comb, right there on the spot.  It is just like a shot in the arm.  Try it sometime.  It works much faster than you can imagine.  The wooden comb is a very virtuous thing.


It is written that it is very non-righteous to expose your hair to the cruelty of the change of weather. The Eskimos keep their heads covered all the time.  In the tropics, even the basic tribes have their heads covered, just like we tie a turban.


In ancient times, shaving the head was a sign of the slave, so all monks were to be shaven.  And they were just spiritual destitutes.  They depended just on that message, that is why it was made possible to dishonor them by cutting off their hair.  Cutting the hair on your head, on the crown, does nothing but dishonor yourself.  Ancient man through all his knowledge knew it, but there were so many monks that it became a fashion.  The barbers took over.

A monk is a person who only carries a message and is dead in his personality.  If you take a monk by the neck and beat him to death, he should not utter a word, if he is a monk.  That person has the right to shave his head. Shaving your head means you have lost your total existence, energy, and your contact with God.  You are only carrying the master’s word, you have nothing of your own.

For many centuries, even in the West, the knights, the barons, and all those big people, when they lost a war, they never were killed.  They used to ask for death, but the winning knight would just cut off the locks of hair of the loser.


A woman should never wear her hair over her forehead.  God can grow hair wherever He likes, but no hair grows on the forehead.  The forehead bone, the sinus bones or the frontal bone, is porous because it functions to transmit light to the pineal gland in the brain.

An experiment was done in which 40 women covered their forehead area between the eyebrows and the hairline for 40 days.  The result was that those women could not look into the eyes of a male.


Most women in America shave their legs and armpits.  Perhaps if they realize that by cutting the hairs under the arms they are affecting their magnetic field and the sympathetic nervous system and that by shaving the leg hairs they are altering the electromagnetic field of the lower spine, they might think twice about shaving.  Women do not understand what those tiny, tiny hairs on their legs do for them.  They only know they are bad things.  You know how the legs move, right?  On both sides of the legs there are hairs.  Those hairs create an electromagnetic field which balances the movement of the pituitary.  You shave it and it is your problem; they say it can make you insane.

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15 Responses to “The Value of Your Hair”

  1. Avneet says:

    1.) “A woman’s hair is supposed to be tied exactly at the solar centers.” I just wanted to know where the solar centers of a women are
    2.) Also, why is it that only women let their hair down at night, why shouldn’t men do it? I mean is it going to harm them in some way if the men let the hair down.
    Thank you

    • Avneet, the women’s solar center is further back on the top of your head. A mans is towards the front (where you typically see a joora in men).

      Men should also comb their hair down at night. I don’t think he was just saying for Women. Sometimes the lectures were with just women, so doesn’t mention men. It is very healthy to let your hair down. Every night I brush my hair back and braid or pony tail it. It’s very relaxing. By combing up in the day and down at night it increases the circulation of your scalp. The putting the hair up is energizing…and taking down is relaxing (energetically). I have done it this way since I was a kid and do the same for my children.

  2. Avneet says:

    Thanks for sharing. I’ll definitely keep this in mind =)

  3. M Singh says:


    Care to elaborate on this perspective of hair down, given that one of Guru Gobind Singh Ji’s hukamnamas from Nanded was “Dastaar bina Nahi Rehnaa” – that a Sikh should not remain without a Dastaar? Or are we talking keeping your hair down and tying a Dastaar on top?

    I myself remember Bhai Harbhajan Singh Sahib’s discussion about hair and turban, in which he stated that whenever he is tired, beyond tired, he simply opens his Dastaar, flips his hair forward, combs is and reties his Dastaar and is on his way.

    • M Singh, There are different practices that Sikhs have in relation to their turban and K’s. Some wear them at every moment and don’t EVER let them leave their body. Many Sikhs wear their turban to sleep as well. One can look at the Guru’s words an instructions in many different ways. Some take it very literally and others in different ways. Life as a Sikh is not black and white with everything exactly a particular way. The devotion of a Sikh should not be questioned and at the same time we shouldn’t judge others if we do something differently.

      I don’t wear a turban when I sleep. At night I brush my hair back and then I go to sleep. When I wake up I brush my hair forward and tie it up with a turban. If I am doing banis before bed (like Kirtan Sohila) I would have my head covered. Basically, if I go out then my head is always covered. I always remember Shanti Kaur’s explaining to me one time that whenever you go out you should be recognizable as a Sikh of the Guru. “Would Guru Gobind Singh know you are his Sikh?”

      This brings up the issue of women and turbans and it makes me wonder why these practices are mostly only done by men. Sikh Women these days mostly just have their head uncovered except if they are in Gurdwara or doing banis.

      Anyways, these are good things to talk about and discuss. Everyone is different and not everyone practices in the same way.

  4. harjit singh says:

    gurmustak singh ji, don`t you think such articles are taking us away from sikhism.”It is very positive for a woman to wear her hair tied on top of her head on the solar center in a rishi knot……….,The brain needs vitamin D, energy, phosphorus, and metals. The number of units of vitamin D that these hairs provide immediately to the brain is unbelievable…….”woman with loose hair and a mad dog have no difference whatsoever as far as integrity is concerned”
    its not only unscientific but also disseminating a kind of brahminical type of things in sikhism or bipran ki reet (jab eh gahe bipran ki reet mein na karu inn ki parteet, GURU GOBIND SINGH JI).

  5. jagdeep singh says:

    waheguru ji ka khalsa
    waheguru ji ki fateh
    i just want to say thank you to all who are sharing a lot of knowledge that can be make many changes in a life
    thank you again
    jagdeep singh

  6. Harleen says:

    No need to insult the monks. They believe in energy and it is energy that is God for them. On the contrary, they are very lively. An example is Dalai Lama. Like other religions, they believe that if one is tortured he/she should not complain, curse or put the others down. Also, what about the bald Sikhs?? they do not get the same protein???

  7. singh khaalsaa says:


    would write a comment in recent times soon. ASAP ETA a day or two about kesh, turban, beard & moustache, leg hair, body hair, and hair around genitals.

    would try to explain it there has been a lot of yogic explantions, which i believe aren’t.
    and on a video by bhai gurumustuk singh ji at youtube there were comments would try to explain it there too.
    had to write it the moment i read the post but then i kept thinking and above all been lazy not to write the comment the moment it hit me.

    but now i would write it down here.
    and hoping to make a video too on the subject



    sorry for ETA took too long you would see my comment here tomorrow morning, this time i promise.
    i want to say a lot on the subject maybe because i have read and heard way too much. it does make you feel uncomfortable i mean those unreasonable comments they make out at the Sikhs or general beards and mustache men. AS i am saying you would have my comment here by tomorrow. till then i have to take care of the guys (some trying to be who they aren’t)
    commenting on a video by Gurumustuk Singh at video question related to sikhs kesh,haircutting, and a lot more were asked. answers were given by the wise man as usual Guruka Singh.

    video is good pretty good step in that direction, but still i think there was something missing in the video that would have shut up the guys making lame,baseless,illogical comments.

    better still Gurumustuk Singh hasn’t deleted even those irritating comments, and now here is where i get to work. there would be more and more comments from now on i think they are 94 illogical comments that i would be taking careof , this would be a fun to blast them. ………..let;s see what ;ll happen.

    may WAHEGURU bless everyone

    and this time as i have already wrote previously, i would be making two videos on topics like these.

    wait untill tomorrow


    sorry for being so late, i had nothing to do but i didn’t feel like writing and the thoughts that i wanted to write slipped off my mind then i read this post again to make a point by point answer

    well why do we have hair??????

    most people are uncomfortable with hair and they cut, shave it

    well why in the first place do we have hair?? on head, armpits, pubic area, legs, arms,chest,
    hands, foot, and yeah the beard and mustache, the facial hair?????

    lets us see it in animal world why do animals in general have hair or say fur etc????

    well for them to keep comfortable in cold?? yeah thats the general answer people would have……..but?? hey how about summers????/

    yeah true these hair or fur keep them warm during winters but these help them, in summers too…

    well hair or fur are natural heat exchangers, helps maintain body heat in summers and winters as well. animals don’t have clothes so nature have them wear fur to help them control the effects of adverse climatic changes.

    this is called evolution and thats how we have charles darwin explaining those finches thing to us and these two theories (as i believe) are very general and versatile. two???

    yeah two

    1. theory of evolution by darwin
    2. general theoy of relativity by einstein

    this is my view or say belief that men wore clothes not because they felt cold or rain or say heat but because they weren’t comfortable with their genitals exposed, all animals (if you see) have their genitals covered with either skin hair/fur or in females, the tails.
    it is not that they felt climate too harsh that they felt need for cothes but out of shame or exposure was the reason they wore clothes or animal skins for that matter.

    had it been the climate, god would have had them have fur, hair all over their bodies, thats what evolution is we have hair because these are the heat exchangers and the exchangers of the most efficient type too.

    we were asking why do we have hair???

    Now lets see hair colour.
    Hair are primarily black in colour leave alone the whites and redheaded for a while lets talk about the Asians, Africans.

    Why are hair black in colour, yeah of these Africans and Asians??
    Well hair are heat exchangers as already been told. But why black??
    Black is the colour (even though it isn’t exactly a colour) that is the best absorber of heat and light,
    Yeah light that’s why it is black, no light, absolute absorber.
    On the other hand it is also the best emitter too.

    So black = no light = all colours absorbed of the visible region in white spectrum of light = best absorber = best emitter too.

    If so then god should just have polished the head as a black hemisphere why long thread like projections out of the head,
    Again heat transfer being the primary reason, the hair are like what they are.

    Let’s go technical to explain this

    q = h X A X dt


    q = h * A * dt

    now that’s the relation heat transfer students got to learn and see almost everyday.

    What are the terms????

    Well q = heat rate
    h = heat coefficient
    A = active area
    dt = difference in temperature of the body and the surroundings

    heat rate is direct function of area or in common terms we can say is directly dependant on the area.

    Now the finer you can make an object or body, the greater is the surface area.

    If that could have been possible in the comment i would have shown it diagrammatically too, but since it is a comment, we have a no media policy 

    Try having a block of say wood now let’s calculate its surface area.
    Not calculate just bear it in mind that it has six faces, given the block is a cube or a cuboid now we cut in into two parts from anywhere.

    Now lets see what do we have here??

    Two blocks ;)

    Yeah and the faces we had earlier are still the same but another area/ face that has added are the ones where we had cut the block into two.

    So two extra areas/faces we have.

    The total area gone up????

    Imagine how much area we would have if we grind that block into powder or granules.

    But since we cannot have powder on our heads, another way is to make it thin but lengthy, thats what in heat transfer terms is called fin. A fin is a efficient device for surface transfer of heat or say convective transfer of heat.

    So these hair are fins.

    Ever seen a motor/vehicle engine?? The cylinder in it has long plates covering it those too are kind of fins but to make it strong we have plates instead of nails/threads like fins, another reason is that since it faces wind in a particular direction staggered type of arrangement wouldn’t be that effective.

    So we have black hair why because of the reasons above and we have thread like projections why?? Because of the reasons above ;)

    Now lets see why white tend to have lighter hair colours than equatorials, Asians, Africans?????

    People living in snow covered areas have lighter hair colour because they don’t get much light or heat from sun etc. so they don’t need good emitters but still they need hair because they need good absorbers,

    So a balance has been met in the nature again the theory of evolution comes handy.

    Now would be the point why don’t natives or Eskimos or Indians living in Kashmir or himachal have light hair colour????

    Well it depends on their mating practices with those from the plains and its genetic and evolution theory says it’s not an instant process/ phenomenon but a gradual change that might take years and years to come into effect.

    Well this being over we have new question why do we have hair on specific body parts?????

    Well on head???

    Head contains brain which again is covered by hard hat called skull ;)
    Brain is the C.P.U of our body, it controls all the activities except of course those that are spontaneous like sneezing etc, that are controlled by a part or extension of brain called as spinal cord.

    Brain needs all the care it has to have, and heat control is primary parameter,

    Well???? why?????

    Yeah why??

    Wouldn’t explain it directly but say in hot humid conditions we are much more restless than in cool, pleasant enviorns. Thats because our nerves too don’t work well in those irritating conditions.

    Remember we have fans for processor too, temp. control.

    Why moustache and beard???

    Thats because we have thyroid and some other glands too here which too need controlled temperatures, the pituitary gland in the forehead secretes hormones that kick the hormones out of the thyroid gland and others.

    The pituitary is the master gland. And it is well protected it isn’t right after the forehead but well nested inside of it.

    Hormones from thyroid are responsible for sexual (testosterone) and growth related activities.

    So thats why we have beard after a certain age.

    Don’t know very well of the armpits but that too have similar reasons, these parts are mostly covered and doesn’t get to interact with air or any other fluid for that matter for heat transfer

    And we have hair at pubic area?????

    Testes secrete semen at controlled temperatures which are usually 2- 3 degrees less than the body temp.

    Things are the same for the arms and legs

    Interesting tale, earlier i wore just the knee length clothes, yeah both in summers and winters too, and as a result i developed much more hair on the legs than on thighs and arms.

    Nature takes care of itself and yeah Us too

    There are few questions like why do we perspire or isn’t it because of hair that we perspire????

    Answer is a straight NO

    Ask a dog or a bird

    How they get to live in summers dogs perspire only through their toungues and in summers a black dog keeps his tongue out all day long
    Ask those birds who keep their mouths open all day long and long for water sources.

    We are a unthankful lot.

    Question is why don’t sea guys have hair??????

    By Sea guys i mean the sea animals whales fish snakes frogs etc etc…..

    Well here comes the “h“ the heat coefficient which is dependent on fluid properties directly or indirectly( it varies as the case varies) on h depends the heat rate

    And if you know a the fluid goes thick the heat capacity increases (generally exceptions would be there)

    The water has higher heat capacity than the air and instead of the hair they have thick coat of skin which help them preserve their body heat.

    Some may argue that there are whales those have hair too or where do whale’s hair come from????

    Well those are the “net” hair of theirs and not the heat exchangers.
    Some whales have hair instead of teeth in their mouths those are for catching the fish.

    And now lets see the questions in this post!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    well there are answers that i don’t agree with in this post

    those some other day ;)

    if this comment doesn’t pass the tests
    if this comment is deleted by admin of the blog i would have it published at or

    thanks for reading


  10. lovepreet says:

    I have a question:

    How it says that shaving will make you insane…
    “You shave it and it is your problem; they say it can make you insane.”

    —What about the people with no hair at all on their legs? I know it probably isn’t recommended, but, to go THAT far?? Are other people aware of this? Just a question that I’d been brooding on. :-) thx!

    And, with the people who have no hair on their legs, how do they walk? There are people who I know that have no hair at all on their limbs, and they walk fine. <-) thx to everyone who can answer this!

  11. manbir singh says:

    waheguru ji ka khalsa waheguru ji ki fateh ji
    i have one problem, by reading this article i understand the value of hair but i am worry about my hair i.e too short and unhealthy hair can u give some suggestion about that. please

  12. Kaur says:

    "A woman’s hair is supposed to be tied exactly at the solar centers. Why? Well, she doesn’t have a beard and we never asked why."

    What if a woman does have a beard? Or a lot of facial hair? Can you share any thoughts or knowledge on that please? Can you email me privately on this issue? Thanks!

  13. Christian O'Neil says:

    The Dalai Lama (shaven head) seems neither "dead in his personality" nor to have lost his "total existence, energy and with God"