Japji Course in Espanola

Japji Course in Espanola

Sikh Dharma International based here in Espanola, New Mexico is going to be hosting an inspirational event "Japji Sahib – Song of the Soul" – July 5th-7th 2009. There is lots going on in Espanola this summer and this is another event that we invite you to join in with! 

Visit the Sikh Dharma Website at: http://www.sikhdharma.org  and watch the below video about the event.

One Response to “Japji Course in Espanola”

  1. As a brand new beginner to Sikhism, I could really use an intensive Japji course. I wish I could make it to all of the wonderful events happening in Espanola this year. But next year, it’s on! I might not leave!